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  • J. Michutka
    ... Who knows??? :) They re my mystery ancestors; all I know is Antonia s maiden name and the info from her death record and her children s baptismal & death
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 20, 2007
      At 02:48 AM 1/20/2007 +0000, you wrote:

      >What religion for the Dulaj family? Lietava church records are RC.
      >Any chance that Dulaj was GC?

      Who knows??? :) They're my mystery ancestors; all I know is Antonia's
      maiden name and the info from her death record and her children's baptismal
      & death records: that's it for my Dulaj info.

      >I would look for ....

      All good suggestions; some of which I've tried in the past. I'll get out
      the map and look at the list of villages you suggested; some of them are
      actually in the Lietava parish, others are not.

      My great-grandfather Grecnar seems to have worked in wood; they ended up in
      Cadca at a time when timber was a big business there, maybe that's why they
      were in Cadca. So maybe I need to explore some local histories, a lot of
      towns have info online now; see if some other place was doing a booming
      business in timber/lumber; maybe he met her in such a town. Just a
      guess....all I have are guesses!

      Thanks again for the advice; it's always helpful to present a problem to
      someone new!

      Julie Michutka
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