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Re: [S-R] Re: question regarding marriages

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    Carl, According to Edit Fel, author of Proper Peasants , ...future wife was chosen by his parents in the majority of cases. If this book is not in your
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      According to Edit Fel, author of "Proper Peasants", "...future wife was chosen by his parents in the majority of cases." If this book is not in your library I would recommend it. Very interesting and covers a lot of information about the "old ways". My grandmother had an "arranged marriage" to quote her.

      >From: Carl Kotlarchik <kkotlarc@...>
      >Date: 2007/01/09 Tue PM 02:09:41 CST
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      >Subject: [S-R] Re: question regarding marriages

      >What was the custom in the 1700s and 1800s concerning choosing one's
      >spouse? Were most of the marriages arranged by the parents or did
      >people mainly pick their own spouses?
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      >> John has some interesting rules of thumb. In eastern Slovakia, I
      >use rules
      >> a wee bit different. Between about 1770 and 1914:
      >> - Women marry about age 16-18. (in large towns: 18-20)
      >> - Men marry about age 22 (at conclusion of military service)
      >> - Courtship is generally 3-6 months or less.
      >> - Time between children: approximately 2 years.
      >> - 20% of all children never survive to adulthood thanks to disease.
      >> -
      >> Bill
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      >> Subject: [S-R] Re: question regarding obtaining more information
      >> marriage records
      >> Here's my approach. This will establish approximate dates.
      >> All marriages occur one year before the first birth of a child.
      >> All parents are abt 20 years old at time of marriage.
      >> All marriages where the age is 30+ are second marriages. Look for
      >> death of the first spouse within a month or two of the (re)marriage.
      >> These are not "firm" dates. They just tell you where to look in the
      >> records.
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