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Re: [S-R] Surname Girbar

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  • Andrea Vangor
    That s the woman Anna Gerbar, my g-g-g-g-g-grandmother who married Samuel Szabo around 1760. I think there was more information on the Gerbar family in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2007
      That's the woman Anna Gerbar, my g-g-g-g-g-grandmother who married Samuel Szabo around 1760. I think there was more information on the Gerbar family in C~akanovce but I don't think I had her parents' names. I can check. My theory was the Gerbars were native Slovaks into whose family the outsider/newcomer Szabo married. My other theory is that there was a large Rusyn element in the vicinity, with a lot of surnames like Fedoryak and Rusnak and Petrilla. Maybe Gerbar/Girbar is Rusyn.

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      From: helene cincebeaux
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      I found a somewhat similar name in our Slvaok Pride data base -
      Gerbar Cakanovce ABOV

      e mail me direct if you wish more info


      Janet Kozlay <kozlay@...> wrote:
      Dear Bob and Dan,

      I found only one Girbar in the Ellis Island records--Andras, who immigrated
      in 1904 to his uncle Andras Kalivosko in Peale PA. He accompanied the
      latter's wife and child, also named Andras Kalivosko. They were all from
      Huvesz (now Lucina SK), which was close to Zsegnye (Zehna).

      Is it possible that there was a Catholic connection? Roman Catholic records
      are available for nearby villages of Tuhrina and Kokosovce. Since the
      Lutheran records don't seem to have been productive, it might be worth a
      shot to see if you can find your people there. Records of non-Catholics are
      occasionally found in RC churches for a variety of reasons, most typically
      if one of the spouses was Catholic.

      Girbar appears to be a very rare name. I was unable to find it in the phone
      directories for either Slovakia or Hungary.

      I wish you a successful hunt.



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      Bob Kocerha

      My mother's maiden name was Mary Ontko (from Windber, PA), and her
      mother's maiden name was Anna Kocserha, from Abranovce, Slovakia.
      I also visited the Lutheran Church in Zehna, Slovakia to find
      records of the family.

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      Subject: [S-R] Surname Girbar

      Hi Group,
      I researched the FHC microfilm for the Evangelical church in Zehna

      (near Presov). My ggrandmother Alzbeta Girbar (born abt 1851)
      my ggrandfather Juraj Kocerha (born 1846). Is Girbar the
      spelling? Her brother who immigrated to the U.S. changed it to
      after 1910. The church record did not indicate her birth village
      that they were married in the Zehna Evangelical church. Thanks
      any help. Bob Kocerha

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