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Re: [S-R] Re: Gömör/Gemer Megye

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    Hi Carl, I ve been reading on this site for several months and this is the first time that I ve seen one of my family names pop up. My maternal grandmother
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      Hi Carl,
      I've been reading on this site for several months and this is the first time
      that I've seen one of my family names pop up. My maternal grandmother came
      from Chyzne. Her original family name was Grosjar and then later her grandfather
      used the alias Janosovje. Her great-grandmother was Susanna Gregor, born
      14 Jul 1798, who married Ondrej Grosjar 24 Nov 1818 in Chyzne.
      Ed Lycka

      Hi Rebecca,
      It is great to have another group member researching in the Jelsava
      area. I think there are about four of us in the group with ancestors
      from this area of Gomor. And I see that David has already
      responded to you.

      My family was from some of the towns that you mention below including
      Hucin (Gicze), Jelsava (Jolsva), Jelsava Teplica (Jolsva Tapolcza)
      and Nandraz (Nandras). They also lived in some other nearby towns
      such as Germerske Milhost (Miglesz), Stitnik (Csetnek), Gencs
      (Honce), Sivetice (Suvete) and Kunova Teplica (Kun Tapolcza). I have
      researched all LDS films for the church records for these villages
      and have developed a pedigree chart for my various families based on
      those records. One of the things that I find really odd is that none
      of us seem to have many shared family names even though these
      villages are relatively small. The only family name that I have in
      common with you appears to be "Gregor" but they were not in my
      immediate line only through a cousin. This Gregor family was from
      Chyzne (Chizsnyo) which is just a couple of miles to the northwest of

      Anyway, I would be very interested in sharing information with you
      about the area. What religion was your family? Mine were Lutherans
      which was a little more common in Gomor than in other areas. Please
      contact me off-line and we can check to see if we have any other
      possible connections. It would be great if the four or five of us
      with family from this section of Gomor could share information and
      possibly help each other in our research. I'd also like to learn
      more about your travel to the area as I hope to make this trip in the
      next year or two myself.

      My family names from the Jelsava area include Kotlarcik/Kotlarcsik,
      Muranszky, Vapenik, Janko, Gyuro, Zdichavsky, Varchol, Szabados,
      Koleffar, Molnar, and Dancsik.
      looking forward to hearing from you,
      Carl Kotlarchik

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "arvayx11" <arvayx11@...> wrote:
      > Hello
      > My name is Rebecca. I am a member, but I have forgotten my
      > as well as putting my search on hold for a while.
      > My family names that I am researching are:
      > Arvay/Arvai,Marsovszky,Czimer,Buko, Gregor and Kovacs.
      > All were from the Gemer Megye,That we know of.
      > The village names are: Licince (Licze) Drzkovce (Deresk) Hucin
      > (Gicze) Hodejov (Vargede) Polina (Alsofalu) Chvalova (Felfalu)
      > Jelsava (Jolsva) Jolsva-Taplocza,Novacany (Nasztraj)
      > Arvay/Arvai names are my main focus.
      > My husband and I were in Slovakia and we went to every village;
      > stated above,where every Arvay/Arvai was born, lived and died.
      > Not one Arvay/Arvai was buried where they died, We did not find any
      > graves, except one in Licince.
      > Most of the Mayor`s do not think the graves were recycled.
      > The Arvay/Arvai`s were all land and mill owners.
      > My latest find was Janos Arvay who died in FelsoFalu in 1836.
      > We have studied and gone through all the LDS films for Gemer and
      > just waiting now, for any new releases.
      > Does anyone have connection to my family names??? or any advise
      > finding the lost graves??
      > I greatly appreciate any help that you can give me in our research,
      > Thank You
      > Rebecca

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