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Re: [S-R] Not all, but 98 %

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  • Dr. Joe "Q"
    Dear Vladimir, You too have a kind heart and have helped numerous people on the list and sometimes you don t even get a thank you ! However, I hope you have
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 9, 2006
      Dear Vladimir,

      You too have a kind heart and have helped numerous people on the list
      and sometimes you don't even get a "thank you"! However, I hope you
      have fared better than the burned out volunteer. We appreciate your
      participation and contributations.

      D^AKUJEM VA'M!

      Dr. "Q"

      Vladimir Bohinc wrote:

      >I find this article very interesting.
      >* * *
      >Who Pays for Your Research?
      >By Burned-out Volunteer
      >Would you be willing to pay 59 cents for that newspaper article about
      >the accident your ancestors were in? Would you pay 64 cents for the
      >census you couldn't locate your grandparents in? How about 89 cents for
      >that elusive marriage certificate or the death notice/obituary you
      >really want? Would you even pay a nominal amount for the cemetery
      >tombstone photos?
      >Apparently not -- because those are the costs of a copy and a stamp that
      >I have been paying for the 98 percent of the people who have used my
      >services for the past nine years. Copy costs range from 20 cents a page
      >up to 50 cents a page depending on where they are found. Sometimes the
      >first copy is poor quality and I have to redo it. With the exception of
      >nine very kind people (out of several hundred), I have personally
      >subsidized their research and it has finally gotten too expensive.
      >I am not government subsidized. I am not independently wealthy. I am not
      >asking anyone to pay for my gasoline or the dollars I drop in the
      >donation boxes at societies and museums or the candy I sometimes take to
      >the ladies in the cemetery offices but it would be so nice if people
      >would pay for their photos, copies and postage -- and at least ASK if I
      >have out of pocket expenses."
      >I understand that polite people do not like to talk about money. I do
      >not like to talk about money either. But let's talk about losing
      >volunteer help. By its very definition volunteer help should be free.
      >But generous volunteers should not be required to PAY for YOUR copies
      >and the cost of mailing them to you. There are even people who do not
      >let me know when they receive the material that I have paid for and
      >sent to them.
      >I can't afford to do your free research any more.
      >REPRINTS. Permission to reprint articles from RootsWeb Review is granted
      >unless specifically stated otherwise, provided: (1) the reprint is used
      >for non-commercial, educational purposes; and (2) the following notice
      >appears at the end of the article: Previously published in RootsWeb
      >Review: 6 September 2006, Vol. 9, No. 36.
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