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Re: [S-R] New birth town

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  • david1law@aol.com
    Hi Maria, In regard to your grandmother ERZSEBET FELEDI, her surname FELEDI literally means from FELED in Hungarian. The i suffix in Hungarian denotes a
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      Hi Maria,

      In regard to your grandmother ERZSEBET FELEDI, her surname FELEDI literally
      means "from FELED" in Hungarian. The "i" suffix in Hungarian denotes a place
      of origin. The "i" suffix may sometimes appear as a "y" or "yi" because of
      phonetics. Your grandmother's surname means that, at some point in your
      family history, your grandmother's ancestors lived in and then moved from FELED.
      From what I understand, the village of FELED is now known as JESENSKE and is
      located in the GEMER region of Slovakia. The first mention of the village of
      FELED dates back to the 13th century (1274 A.D. to be exact). When the
      church records run out, the fact that your grandmother's surname indicates a
      place of origin for her ancestors (however remote) can add some fascinating facts
      to your family history, as when the paper records run out, the surname gives
      you one last historical fact about your family origins. People at times did
      move from village to village, depending upon circumstances, such as work,
      etc., so it may be possible that your grandmother moved back to FELED at some
      point, especially if other relatives were there. The best advice is to simply
      follow the historical record, and hopefully sooner or later, the facts will
      make sense. If my memory serves me correctly, the area of CIERNY BALOG,
      VALASKA, and HRONEC was well known for its forestry, and the CIERNY HRON river
      was used to float logs for the logging. Later, a well-known steam railroad
      was established and used for the logging industry. It is a very pretty area
      from what I have been able to see on the internet, and the steam railroad has
      become a well-known tourist destination. On my grandmother's side of the
      family (surname HRONEC which itself is derived from the HRON river), my
      ancestors moved around from various villages in the GEMER and SPIS region, as my
      great, great, great grandfather JAN HRONEC was a forester. You may find it
      helpful to research the village of VALASKA in greater detail, as well as look
      through the records to find out the occupation of your ancestors, as there may be
      some clues which may indicate a reason for the moves. I hope this helps a

      Ironically, I had recognized the village of VALASKA (as well as KOKOVA) as
      they are in close proximity to two villages HRONEC and CIERNY BALOG which
      remarkably parallel the surnames of my paternal grandmother, VERONIKA HRONEC and
      my paternal grandfather ANDREW BALOGA (BALOG). Although they were born in
      Spis, my grandmother surname indicates that her ancestors (however remote) were
      originally from the HRON RIVER (formerly known as GARAM), and similarly, my
      grandfather's surname indicates that his ancestors (however remote) were
      originally from the BALOG RIVER valley in GEMER. And if you come across the
      name STRELKA, please let me know, as I know a STRELKA family whose ancestors
      were from KOKOVA.

      Best regards,

      David Michael Baloga

      P.S. By the way, my grandfather's brother STEPAN BALOGA (BALOG) originally
      went to Buenos Aires Argentina, and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. in
      1923 where my grandfather ANDREW BALOGA (BALOG) lived. His closest friend in
      Argentina has been a STEPAN GONDA in VILLA LINCH.

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