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Re: Individual Names RE: [S-R] Place Names - Modern versus old

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    ... From: frank.r.plichta@earthlink.net To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 8:51 AM Subject: RE: Individual Names RE: [S-R] Place Names -
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      Sent: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 8:51 AM
      Subject: RE: Individual Names RE: [S-R] Place Names - Modern versus old

      When I read what you wrote, I thought I understood what you meant but
      apparently you did not intend it to perceived the way that I did.

      :-) Frank

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      Subject: Re: Individual Names RE: [S-R] Place Names - Modern versus old

      Or put another way:

      I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am
      not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.


      Dr. "Q"

      Frank R. Plichta wrote:

      >OK, so you change the names of your Slovak ancestors to the English
      >equivalent. What does that do for your modern day Slovak relatives. To
      >them the ancestor was still Jan not John. Everything does not need to be
      >translated to English.
      >In my family tree, I'm communicating with relatives in Germany, Czech,
      >Slovakia, Australia and Poland as well as the USA. Which language do you
      >want me to record the first names of relatives? I beg to differ with Dr.Q
      >for I will continue to record names in the language native to the
      >ancestor/relative for that is what they were called in during their life.
      >They were never known by he English equalivant.
      >Frank Plichta
      >Galax, Virginia
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      >From: Dr. Joe Q. [mailto:DoctorQ@...]
      >Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 8:18 PM
      >To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [S-R] Place Names - Modern versus old
      >My relatives and probably those of most of everyone else on this list
      >did not move much in the old country. At the moment, there are three
      >(3) towns for sure that mine came from and possibly a fourth for my
      >2xgreat grandfather. It isn't much of a chore to list all of the
      >various names of the towns and I have done that, but the names are more
      >of a curiosity for future generations. However, I am certain that in 40
      >years all that is necessary for someone to is enter their best guess of
      >the family name and general geographic location into what ever replaces
      >this rudimentary information system - internet - and fuzzy logic will
      >provide the best answer along with several other potential answers. I
      >think the resources will be there.
      >I do include the spellings of the names as they appear in the records
      >and include the modern day equivalent Jan = John, Alzbeta = Elizabeth,
      >Dr. "Q"
      >Bill Tarkulich wrote:
      >>Hello "Q",
      >>The problem with "resources" is that they may not be in your control.
      >>External resources may or may not be accessible in a form you might expect
      >>20 years from now. In five years, I have seen several references come and
      >>go. That's one reason I make a private copy of any web resource I find
      >>I think it's simpler to put the three to six most common names into a
      >>cross-reference document and include it with your family trees.
      >>On Tue, August 8, 2006 12:03 am, Dr. Joe Q. said:
      >>>It is important to have the continuity of the various names over the
      >>>ages, however, one can become compulsive in the process. I think that
      >>>for the future generations, that the various Hungarian, German,
      >>>Czechoslovak, and Slovak names will be easy to identify and correlate.
      >>>Spisska Nova Ves was Iglo. Enter "Iglo Slovakia" into google and you
      >>>will get hits with Spisska Nova Ves and Iglo. I do not think that any
      >>>grand children will be at a disadvantage if you do not include all of
      >>>names of a town from 1835 to 1920/1990. Of course there is no harm in
      >>>doing so, but I feel that in most cases it is no longer necessary. You
      >>>can provide the 25+ names of a town from 1200 - 1990, but from a
      >>>practical standpoint, there are plenty of online resources now. What do
      >>>you anticipate those resources to be in 20 - 40 years?
      >>>Just my thoughts.
      >>>Dr. "Q"
      >>>Gordon L. Grening wrote:
      >>>>Good point taken. I wonder what members of the DAR use. Would they put
      >>>>Boston, Mass. Colony, England!!
      >>>>Anyone out there know any New England genealogist. I wonder if the DAR
      >>>>a web site.
      >>>>Have a feeling my great-great grandfather would roll over in his grave
      >>>>said he was born in Hungary and not Slovakia. He was a Rusyn and from
      >>>>I understand they really hated the Hungarians. But then I don't think
      >>>>were too nuts about the Slovaks either.
      >>>>----- Original Message -----
      >>>>From: <frank.r.plichta@...>
      >>>>To: <SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com>
      >>>>Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 9:12 AM
      >>>>Subject: [Norton AntiSpam] RE: [S-R] Place Names - Modern versus old
      >>>>I have always used the place names that were in effect at the time that
      >>>>event took place.
      >>>>I do not bother to explain the differences or the name changes in each
      >>>>individual's record. These place name changes are part of history. If
      >>>>are going to do genealogy you need to know history. I maintain a
      >>>>"Place Names" file in which I show the name changes for each location of
      >>>>interest to include; villages, counties and countries. All that anyone
      >>>>needs to do first is read my "Place Names" file and then look at the
      >>>>Tree Maker file, or even look at them side by side. It will help them
      >>>>learn a little more about history.
      >>>>Frank Plichta
      >>>>Galax, Virginia
      >>>>-----Original Message-----
      >>>>From: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com]
      >>>>Behalf Of Gordon Grening
      >>>>Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 7:34 AM
      >>>>To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      >>>>Subject: [S-R] Place Names - Modern versus old
      >>>>I like to poll the group members on how they are entering place names
      >>>>in their family tree software. As we all know Slovakia didn't
      >>>>actually exist until 1993, before that it was part of Czechoslovakia
      >>>>and before 1918 part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. So what do we
      >>>>put in the family tree, Slovakia, Czech., Austria-Hungary??
      >>>>The same applies to counties. My great grandparents are from ©ari¹,
      >>>>which doesn't exist now. The area is now part of the Pre¹ov region.
      >>>>Also the area was known as Sáros in Hungarian and Scharosch in
      >>>>German. So what name do I use.
      >>>>Right now I am using a combination of the old and new. I list my
      >>>>great-grandparents as being born in ©ari¹, Slovakia. But would
      >>>>Sáro,Austria-Hungary be more correct? On some of the U.S. Census they
      >>>>are listed as being born in Hungaria and on others Slovak. Do we have
      >>>>any professional genealogist out there that could weight in on this?
      >>>>I even have a worst problem with my father's side of the family who
      >>>>came from East Prussia. Not only did East Prussia become part of
      >>>>Poland but all of the old German place names where changed to Polish
      >>>>names. What do I use, the old Prussian name or the current Polish
      >>>>With the proliferation of genealogy database out there, this has
      >>>>become a critical problem. I have several cousins who have created
      >>>>family trees on various database using different birth place names
      >>>>for the same people. I'm trying to get them to all agree on a common
      >>>>naming practice but with little success. We can't even agree on the
      >>>>spelling of my grandfather's name: Frederick, Friedrick, Fredrich,
      >>>>Friedrich, etc. I use Friedrich because that is how it is spelt in
      >>>>the Family Bible and my contacts in Germany say that is the
      >>>>traditional spelling. The others being modern English corruptions of
      >>>>the name.

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