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RE: [S-R] Hyphnated names

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  • Alan Antoska
    More usual than the hyphanated name is the word Ondush . One possibility is that it is Ondris~ as the sh sound in Slovak is not spelt sh but s~ (with a
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 6, 2006
      More usual than the hyphanated name is the word 'Ondush'.
      One possibility is that it is 'Ondris~' as the 'sh' sound
      in Slovak is not spelt 'sh' but s~ (with a makcen).
      You should check the original.

      --- Janet Kozlay <kozlay@...> wrote:

      > I would think that the peasants would be just as likely
      > to adopt binames as
      > the nobility, and for the same reasons-basically to
      > distinguish families
      > with the same name. Sebes would probably be the primary
      > name, with Ondush
      > added later to distinguish it from other Sebes families.
      > Even later, the
      > Sebes might be dropped altogether. I have instances of an
      > individual who is
      > recorded with family names of A, A-B, and B. Sometimes
      > you will see the word
      > "alias" (in Latin) or "maskep/maskent" (in Hungarian)
      > that makes it clear,
      > but not always.
      > Janet
      > _____
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      > Has anyone seen hyphnated Slovak names. My great
      > gradmother's last
      > name is supposedly Sebes-Ondush. I have never seen this
      > combination in
      > a Slovak name or any other Eastern European name. It gets
      > more
      > confusing since I have records which contain only Sebes
      > and others
      > which have Sebes-Ondush. Any thoughts.
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