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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Czech Archives (was Ocre)

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  • Frank Kurchina
    ... had to ... fees ... $32 ... siblings ... English ... could get ... good ... for my ... this ... now, ... and ... information ... just ... Can t dispute
    Message 1 of 3 , May 13, 2000
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, sabinov@w... wrote:
      > I take exception to the statement that the Czech archives are making
      > money off "rich Americans" sending for reports.....
      > I certainly don't consider myself anywhere near "rich", in fact I
      had to
      > wait several months recently before I could afford to send the money
      > ($76) for the report the Czech archives recently finished on my
      > Silhavy's in Bohemia. However, I am not complaining as I feel the
      > are perfectly reasonable for what you get. The last report was only
      > and that took me back 3 more generations. This time I asked for
      > and to go back as far as they could, and to translate it into
      > (so they do send reports in English if you ask... which I would
      > recommend as the last time I didn't and it was forever until I
      > people to help me translate it, and even then people can't agree on
      > certain words). And they also send you a map of the regions, a very
      > map, for $4 more if you want them to. Much cheaper than buying these
      > highly detailed maps anywhere else.
      > Would I prefer to search the records myself? Sure. I've done that
      for my
      > family in the (now) Slovak Republic and it's been wonderful. But if
      > is how the Czech government is going to handle things, at least for
      > I can live with it. Compared to fees charged by the German archives
      > some Irish Heritage Centres, believe me, the Czech fees are cheap.
      > It all boils down to what you are willing to do to find the
      > you want. If you don't want to spend the money, then don't.... but I
      > don't think anyone can tell anyone else NOT to have research done
      > because they don't agree with the system.

      Can't dispute what you say above.
      Perhaps the Czech Archives treat mail requests from U.S. differently
      than they treat walk-in researchers who attempt to use their
      facilities on site.
      For example, they radically limit the number of registers one can
      access and have tightened up this requirement. Why ?
      Know Americans who have gone there to do research and then have
      left the archives.
      There are Czech commericial services who will do the research for
      the fees plus their own additional fee.

      Rich is a relative term.
      Some surnames , to whom I have replied, have cried because they
      can't afford even those (modest) fees as stated above to
      complete their ancestor research.

      The LDS has performed a great service for surname researchers with
      names from Slovakia and other countries where Mormons have filmed.

      Wouldn't tell any researcher NOT to have research done.
      But you are correct.
      Political commentary has no place on any genealogy mailing list or
      ethnic site.

      Frank Kurcina
    • Madrobnak@aol.com
      Please e-mail me the address to send for a search for the Drobnak name. My husband always thought he was Czech but his grandfather wrote his country of origin
      Message 2 of 3 , May 14, 2000
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        Please e-mail me the address to send for a search for the Drobnak name. My
        husband always thought he was Czech but his grandfather wrote his country of
        origin was Slovakia.

        Do they charge you if they do not find the family?

        Mary Anne Drobnak
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