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[S-R] Exhibit in LEVOCA

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  • Vladimir Linder
    My exhibit in Levoca has opened, take a look. http://www.snm.sk/?lang=svk&org=11§ion=podu&id=463
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2006
      My exhibit in Levoca has opened, take a look.

      Translated text:
      Vladimir Linder

      Is an exhibit of photographs from the church of
      St. James in Levoca from photographer Vladimir
      Linder. Concept of the exhibit is based in
      capturing and illustration of emotions in Gothic
      statues through the lens of author complimented
      by quotations from that era and texts dedicated
      to the given subject. More than 60 photographs
      are on display mostly of portrait character,
      which attract by remarkable views of gothic
      statues from Church of St. James in Levoca.
      Photographs are evoking immense survival of
      emotionally strained moments. They have portrait
      character and they are possibility for comparison
      of common view of monumental works and detailed
      not much visible and not very well known looks.
      Comparison offers also time spectrum of early
      gothic up to its late period coming from hands of
      Master Pavol from Levoca. Subject matter is
      abundant. Prevailing is Laying to the grave, Last
      supper, Crucifixion, saints and woman saints in
      moments of torture, ecstasy, prayersÂ… Selection
      of photographs was made in consideration of the
      name of the whole exhibit: Gothic Emotions, and
      it tried to pick up indication of
      characterization of statue as part of
      psychologization of individual statues,
      progressed crystallization of portrait features
      and using wide palette of gestures.
      Text part of the exhibit is complementing
      medieval texts as inseparable and important part
      of medieval perception of work of art,
      appreciation of beauty and connecting
      spirituality with artistic expression. The goal
      is presentation of abundant unique cultural
      heritage-with eye of photographer and comparison
      with literary works. The photographs are
      complimented by copies of works of Master Pavol
      from Levoca-plaster moulds from last supper-from
      the main altar of the church of St. James in
      Levoca. Interesting part of exhibition is so
      called Three of knowledge on which there are
      statements and quotations from works of medieval
      authors. Component of exhibit is also computer
      presentation of more than 200 photographs, that
      were supplied by Vladimir Linder and thus makes
      possible even more looks that were unable to be
      installed. Component of this exhibit are also
      whole looks at altars, so we can offer our
      visitors possibility to view the complete works.
      Exhibit will be open until August 11, 2006 in the
      premises of the Old City Hall.

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