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[S-R] Re: MD Posn

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  • raybravo2000
    Dear Vladimir, I have answered the questions as well as I possibly can. As to the secrecy, I agree is does seem pointless with documents from over 100 years
    Message 1 of 19 , May 20, 2006
      Dear Vladimir,

      I have answered the questions as well as I possibly can. As to
      the secrecy, I agree is does seem pointless with documents
      from over 100 years ago, but that is the policy of the Archdiocese
      straight from the Cardinal's office. If you have a problem write to
      him. I have not wanted to place my job at stake for something so

      Posn is in the column for the location of birth. There was never
      any question about that. Franciscus? Is not the person born in
      Posn, this I know for a fact. We were never looking for a person's
      name, we knew the name all the time. We know everything
      about this person and I never asked about any name. My only
      thought was that there are many knowledgable people in this
      group and someone might have an idea about what MD stood
      for in relation to Posn.

      I did leave out some information and I took resposibility for that
      Also I explained early on the problem with Archdiocese, and I
      mentioned in the first message that I worked in the Archives of
      the Archdiocese. This wasn't anything personal on my part.
      Since I been accused of being less than honest in my bringing of
      this question to this group I think you and the group can now
      recieve a little criticism.

      This all started with the question from a professional
      genealogist. (This is all Christine Friend does.) The only
      question was what does MD mean regarding Posn. The group
      didn't know. That was easy, but no one actually said that. I think
      the group became fixaited on the common questions and details
      of genealogy without actually reading the details of what I wrote.
      What was overlooked was this request came from a genealogist
      who works for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. These two
      things were completely overlooked by members asking where
      the records came from? Taking this into consideration some of
      the questions that were asked could have been eliminated, and
      the fact that we did not have questions about any other part of
      this record.

      OK, my mistake was bringing this question to this group, but I
      really thought someone might know. I am sure for the most part
      this group does very well with genealogy questions.


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Vladimir Bohinc"
      <konekta@...> wrote:
      > Dear Colin,
      > Franciscus is a first name of a man. Equal to Frank.
      > Looking at your scan, this MD Posn as attached to the full
      name of this man suggests his function rather than place he
      was born.
      > Poznan is a large town and is a capital of the Poznan province.
      I was there many times. Used to be German too.
      > I think that by now you should have realized, that the best
      guess, lacking any other supporting information from the said
      record, is the town of Poznan.
      > As to what MD could mean, you can find hundreds of
      possibilities and it has no sense to speculate about that.
      > So, if you want to find the birth of this Franciscus, you should
      check the Poznan records.
      > However, I am not sure, what ( except from trying to figure out
      what MD Posn means) do you really want and since you are
      evading answering legitimate questions, the whole affair on this
      list is becoming a pain in the ...... We are not Poles. You should
      go to some Polish lists.
      > We have never had such an uncooperative member and we
      have never encountered this sort of secrecy regarding old
      documents which should be deciphered. Have mercy.
      > Best regards,
      > Vladimir
      > Do we have your full postal address?
      > Your on-line research is totally misleading and has nothing to
      do with your document. Bratislava, for example, also used to be
      called Poson. Do you have a reason to believe, that thos Posn,
      after the full name shoud refer to a geagraphical location. Such
      information is always in a separate column.
      > But, since we actually do not know what kind of document we
      are talking about, you are playing a game with us.
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      > From: raybravo2000
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      > Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2006 5:00 AM
      > Subject: [S-R] Re: MD Posn
      > Becki & Vladimir,
      > Just to go over what I found on my own. I found other entries
      > on-line that used the spelling P O S N. Indeed P O S E N was
      > the common spelling; however, there was also Posan.
      > P O S N is just a contraction for the benefit of the writer. I
      found a
      > map that showed the town Posen but also that it was
      > surrounded by the district or province of Posen. This district
      > many towns and villages in it, "Franciscus" could have been
      > Latinized name of one of the villages. I also checked Acronym
      > Finder and MD can mean Military District.
      > As to MD being Maryland. Usually in this country we put the
      > first and then the state and that tradition goes back pretty far.
      > Thanks again.
      > Dobru noc,
      > Colin
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Becki Blair"
      > <beckiblair@> wrote:
      > >
      > > If the listing of the place of birth is 'MD Posn', couldn't this
      > possibly be
      > > the two letter abbreviation for the state of Maryland and
      > be a
      > > village, county or abbreviation of any of them? It seems if
      > were
      > > baptized in Philadelphia, they might have been born over
      > as well. Just
      > > my two cents on the tail end of the conversation...
      > >
      > > Becki
      > >
      > >
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