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  • grayce ezarik
    I found a Stiavnica, but I think it is part of Banska______ ........grayce
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 30, 2000
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      I found a Stiavnica, but I think it is part of "Banska______"........grayce

      > From: Ron Matviyak <amiak@...>
      > Reply-To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com
      > Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 20:59:07 -0800
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com
      > Looking in my Czechoslovak auto atlas, I find no Stavnik. Presuming the
      > name has not changed, what other pronunciations do you remember? Some
      > times our memories and our American-trained ears fail to pick up some
      > subtle variations.
      > I do, for example, find: Stav, Stavanie, Stavenice, Stave^s^ice. My
      > wild guess would be Stavenice, for no good reason but guesswork.
      > DO you have any idea what part of Czechoslovakia they came from? If we
      > are going to play 20 questions, load up the hints at the start of the
      > game! We have some pretty talented people at associations! Any mention
      > of Hungarians or Austrians, rivers, big towns or other stories? No
      > uncle that got drunk in Kassa* and lost the family farm? Anything like
      > that may help us help you.
      > In the mean time, enjoy!
      > Ron
      > *My teaser to you - Kassa is Hungarian for Kosice, which would be quite
      > a good hint, if you have one!
      > Peopleseeker@... wrote:
      >> I am trying to locate info on Stavnik,Czechoslovakia which has been reported
      >> as the birthplace of my grandmother Anna Agnes KANNA (or Kana or Kania) who
      >> was born in 1900 to John KANNA and Susan JANIK Kanna. The family with 5
      >> children came to the US and settled in/near Youngstown Ohio ca 1901-1906. A
      >> return trip to the homeland by one of the children in the 1950's-or 60's
      >> brought back info that the town hall or at least the main repository for
      >> birth,death,marriage records burned in Stavnik.
      >> Since all the original family members have gone on to eternal care (nurse
      >> humor), there are no family members left who have any idea where to start
      >> looking for Stavnik. All tips and suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
      >> Vicki Schmitt- PeopleSeeker@...
      >> surnames: KANNA, KANA, KANIA, ZLATOPER
      >> .
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