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Re: Trip to Slovakia and Poland

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  • amiak27
    The requirement for a specific amount of money per day and health insurance sounds like the old requirements from the communist days being repeated. It may be
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 6, 2006
      The requirement for a specific amount of money per day and health
      insurance sounds like the old requirements from the communist days
      being repeated. It may be technically still required, it may be
      simply a hold-over in language someone repeated - or a suggestion
      someone interpreted as a requirement and published.

      Even in the communist days I never had the authorities check. As
      everyone suggests, I do most of my transactions with my standard ATM


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, sunkat <sunkat@...> wrote:
      > I second this: I too have never been asked to show or prove if I
      > sufficient funds or health insurance. However, it's my
      understanding that
      > you should at least be prepared to answer this, if asked, so I'm
      > prepared. Other than (as John mentions) travel insurance, all
      I've ever
      > brought with me has been proof that I have medical/health coverage
      > my employer. If anything happens while you're there, you're
      responsible for
      > paying the bills yourself & then submitting these for
      reimbursement to your
      > employer's medical/health insurance carrier...& apparently, that's
      how most
      > employers' insurance handle it.
      > As for money, my Slovak husband & I used to bring some cash, some
      > traveller's checks, we'd use our credit cards in places that
      accepted them,
      > & we'd also get money using our ATM cards. (Although we try to
      > getting cash advances from credit cards, I believe I've done this
      > during my 7 years of going to Slovakia.) Now we don't bother with
      > traveller's checks because you have to pay to exchange them & (if
      I recall
      > correctly) it's a bit more expensive than just exchanging US
      dollars to
      > Slovak crowns. More places accept credit cards, so we also use
      those more
      > because they offer a decent exchange rate, & we always exchange US
      > for crowns (only at banks) as soon after we arrive as possible.
      > I can't answer as well for using money in Poland, as we typically
      only visit
      > the open-air flea market in Nowy Targ, which caters to Slovaks &
      will very
      > readily accept either Slovak crowns or US dollars. I have,
      however, in the
      > past visited Zakopane & was able to either use US dollars are
      exchange US
      > dollars for Polish zloty with no problem.
      > Kat ("Katka") Turk
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      > From : johnqadam <johnqadam@...>
      > To : SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject : [S-R] Trip to Slovakia and Poland
      > Date : Mon, 06 Feb 2006 13:52:54 +0000
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry & Liz Dente"
      > <brookft@> wrote:
      > I am booking flights to Poland and Slovakia and the airline says
      > one of the requirements is to have $50 per day in cash on arrival
      for each
      > day we are staying and also that we have health insurance. Does
      anyone know
      > what kind of health insurance?
      > ______________
      > REPLY:
      > I have NEVER been asked about cash on hand and would consider
      > carrying much CASH to be flat out irresposible. The bank machines
      > work very well and issue local currency "as required" to handle
      > situations not covered by a credit card. Others may have a
      > point of view. I would have a reasonable supply of Euros but
      > excessive -- certainly not $50/day.
      > We have year-round travel health insurance -- not trip insurance.
      > Around here, you can add it to your house insurance, as well as
      > buying it from others.
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