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Re: [S-R] Visit to Poland and Slovakia

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  • Michael Mojher
    Dear Jerry and Liz, If you monitor our website you know that I have made four trips to Eastern Slovakia since 2000. Nizna Rybnica is within 15km of Zaluzice
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2006
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      Dear Jerry and Liz,
      If you monitor our website you know that I have made four trips to Eastern Slovakia since 2000.
      Nizna Rybnica is within 15km of Zaluzice where my cousin was the RC priest. He is now the Dekan of the RC Cathedral in Trebisov, which is not that far away.
      You asked if your could visit Poland and Slovakia in one trip. You didn't mention how long you were going to be there. A one week trip may be hard to do given the travel days would take up at least three days. In two weeks you would have enough time to enjoy both countries.
      Since Tarnobrez is within Galacia it is relatively close to Slovakia. Getting there may be require some planning. Crakow is the largest city within old Galacia. Warsaw is closer than Prague. Once you have located where Tarnobrez is on a modern map it will be easier to determine where to fly into. There are so many small airlines in Europe now you should be able to fly somewhere relatively close. A good travel agent should be able to help you.
      I agree with John Venham that a translator would make things far easier.
      Renting a car is not that difficult. What is difficult is renting in one country and going to or dropping it off in another. I have found the local rental agencies are far cheaper than the large corporate ones. As an example, it might be cheaper to rent in Crakow and do you business in Poland. Then take the train to Kosice, Slovakia and rent a car there. Since Kosice airport is the only one in Eastern Slovakia you can fly out of to Vienna or Prague for connecting flights out of Europe or another airport out. I always had to do Kosice, Vienna or Prague, Frankfurt and home.
      If you would like to discuss your trip in more detail and can be contacted at mgmojher@...
      Michael Mojher

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      From: Jerry & Liz Dente
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      Subject: [S-R] Visit to Poland and Slovakia

      Hi - I don't post much but I do read every email and have learned so much.
      We had planned a trip to Slovakia (family name SUREK) and Poland (family
      names REGULA, SUDOL and KURIPLACH) two years ago and had to cancel at the
      last minute. Now trying again to go this spring. The village in Slovakia
      was Alsohalas (now Niza Rybinka) outside of Sobrance. Is there any easy way
      to get there? We are thinking of splitting the trip to Poland and Slovakia
      because getting from the Tarnobrez (Galacia) to Sobrance in one trip seems
      difficult. An acquaintance who is from Poland and travels back frequently
      is very worried about our attempting to travel by ourselves without speaking
      the language. She is suggesting we hire someone to meet us at an airport
      and drive us around while we are there. Any ideas or suggestions would be
      greatly appreciated.

      Liz, Jerry, Pumpkin, Angel, Frank, Tank, Willie, Breezy, Brutus, Flora Dora
      and Ritter Dente
      and our beloved Sweet Pea and her prince Roscoe,
      Austin, Rusty, Mozart and Tini at the Bridge.
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      is my end, I am not lonely. I am not afraid. I am still yours. (Jeffers)

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