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      << I
      still can't find my relatives.The settled in the Solivar area, Saris
      Region sometime in the mid 1700's >>

      Dear Kathy -

      Think I can help you - this is an amazing story - Your families came to
      Presov from various places in Europe ranging from Germany to Alsace-Lorraine.
      They were artisans and craftmen invited to Solivar by the King - he built a
      special street with homes for these artisans. Bob Pollak who shares many of
      your surnames came with us several times and on his third trip he found an
      elderly man who recalled all this who actually lived in this place . Bob
      wrote an article about it in a recent issue of Slovakia which I will send
      you. But you must get in touch with Bob - e mail me and I will give you his
      e mail address. He had gone quite far back in his lines - many of which are
      the same surnames as you gave.

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