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Re: [S-R] "Jaj/Joj/Yoy!" (etc. - Eastern Slovakia expressions)

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  • MA Bensh
    Guess that is how my family got oy-yoy-yoy . Dr. Joe Q. wrote: Depending on how far east you go, you will hear: oyoi ayaiy yoyi ayoyi
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 13, 2005
      Guess that is how my family got "oy-yoy-yoy".

      "Dr. Joe Q." <DoctorQ@...> wrote: Depending on how far east you go, you will hear:


      Dr. "Q"

      sunkat wrote:

      >Since my first trip to Slovakia in 1998 (I go every year & am in Slovakia
      >now), I've only heard "Ach/Och!" or "Jaj!" (yaiee). That's not to say "Joj"
      >(yoy) doesn't exist or that Slovaks don't use it...only that I've never
      >heard it in all the time I've gone to Slovakia.
      >However, I just asked my Slovak husband, & he said that, yes, Slovaks DO
      >indeed (also) say "yoy" & that the two (sounds) are pretty much
      >interchangeable...for Slovaks, anyway. :-)
      >As for any connection with a possible Yiddish counterpart, I'll leave that
      >to the rest of the list... ;-)
      >Kat ("Katka")
      >>From : dlielc <MJHodor@...>
      >To : SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject : [S-R] yoy,oi, yiddish, east slovak
      >Date : Mon, 12 Dec 2005 17:35:05 +0000
      >I'm just listening to PBS program on Yiddish.The show talked
      >aboutkvetching and oi. East Slovaks, or at least, my family used yoi
      >all the time. Yoy, yoy, yoy. A Czech friend told me she had given
      >birth in a Presov hospital. There, all the Slovak women in labor yoyed
      >away. Is there a connection betwee the Yiddish and the Slovak custom i
      >this matter?
      >Sincerely, MJHodor

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