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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] New member!

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    In a message dated 4/17/0 1:01:23 AM, jwjhusar@webtv.net writes:
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      << they originatedfrom what is now Slovakia,village name possibly Hajnik. If
      anyone canshed any light it would be very greatly appreciated. >>

      Hi! According to the "Navzy obci" and the Slovak atlas - Hajnick is now
      called Hajnicky and is located in central Slovakia on the out skirts of a
      famed spa Sliac~ which is just a few kilometers north of Zvolen and about 17
      km south of Banska Bystrica. This was Zvolen County in the old days.

      This is the region of the proud Detvans and I am curious as to where they
      came from. I was told by villagers that long ago they were called by the
      King from somewhere else to guard the borders. They are very proud and state
      they were never serfs, but freemen. Would love to know more about this -can
      anyone shed some light. They were farmers and sheperds and wonder if they
      came via the Carpathians from Romania where there is a similar sheep-oriented
      culture with somewhat similar music, songs, and customs - even some of the
      sheep keeping words are connected.

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