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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Old Scroll

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      << Can anyone tell me where in the Twin Cities area I could take it to have
      it restored, and to have a good quality copy made? >>

      A color copier say at Kinko's can do an amazing job - sometimes the copies
      look better than the originals. This way you could make one for each person
      in the family. Some may feel that the light that shines on it for the
      impression might hurt it but likely would give you amazing results and
      properly conserving it could cost a great deal - maybe the experts in
      historical preservation can help you.

      However I advise color copying all old family photos and enlarging them -
      for you see little details not visible at the time - like my favorite great
      aunt in a family group photo taken when she was 12 - she was found to have a
      decorated Easter egg
      clutched in her hand.

      This is much less expensive than going the photo reproduction route which
      costs say $10 for a negative and more for each print. Color copies are
      ereally reasonable and if you go to a nice place they hlep you and work to
      get a good reproduction, especially if you are having more than one copy made.

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