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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] New mysteries

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  • Andy Verostko
    Slovakia - Cross Index of towns. There is a microfische cross reference of all towns in Slovakia and the parish under which the data is recorded. The data is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2000
      Slovakia - Cross Index of towns.

      There is a microfische cross reference of all towns in Slovakia
      and the parish under which the data is recorded. The data is a
      book the has been put on both microfische and microfilm. Most FHCs have
      one or the other.
      If neither is available, you should order the microfiche since it then
      becomes part of the
      permanent records at the FHC>

      Relevant Data:

      Author: Jana Kalesna
      Title: Prehlad Matrik Na Slovensko Do Zostatnenia Matricnej.
      Library Refernce Number: 943.73 K23k

      Microfische #: 6000786
      Microfilm #: 1183541 Item 4.

      To use, you look up the name of the town/village at the back of the
      Villages and towns are listed Alphabetically. Along with the town will
      be a
      list of page numbers. Go to each of the page numbers and scan the page
      your village name. The village name will be listed under the name of the
      town parish
      where the church data was recorded.

      Typical will be something like this.

      Looking up Hincovce, Spis province, Slovakia Reads:
      Hincovce, Okr SNV 286, 289, 308.

      Looking on pages 286 Shows a town listed as Bystrany
      and included under Bystrany are records for Bystrany, Hincovce & Trstany

      from 1779 - 1896, Roman Catholic. Now, use the computer
      to Look up Bystrany and you will find the microfilm numbers
      for the Church (Roman Catholic) and towns listed.

      Looking under Page 289 is the identifying data for the
      Evangelical Reformed Church where Hincovce data can be found.

      Looking at page 308 identifies the town under which Jewish
      records can be found.

      I hope this makes some sense
      Regards Andy V....

      Andrea Vangor wrote:
      > It's been too quiet around here, so it's time for me to cause some new
      > trouble. I KNOW, but keep forgetting, that there is a gazette or something
      > that tells where the records are for different towns and villages in
      > Slovakia. Someday I will find it.
      > Meanwhile, I have a different kind of problem. I am going to start
      > researching my KLINKA and RACHEL family from Liptovska Porubka. A new hint
      > just came to light suggesting that of several Porubkas, this is the right
      > place. An old family photo from the 20's from Slovakia turns out to have
      > been printed on some kind of blank postcard. Evidently it was designed to
      > send to family members around the area. Ours was sent as an enclosure in
      > regular mail to America. Anyway, the back had a stamp with part of the
      > letters missing. What was readable included the letters "ULAS".
      > Elementary, Watson -- I figured it must be the stamp from Liptovsky Mikulas,
      > the large town near Liptovska Porubka. So check those old family photos
      > from Czechoslovakia in case yours proves to be a postcard.
      > I found that baptismal records for Lutherans in L. Porubka, 1859-1896, are
      > available from the FHL, but that's all so far. How can I find out where the
      > rest of the records are? Does anyone know if the LDS have finished
      > photocopying in Slovakia yet? I am trying to determine if there are more
      > records from the town itself, or rather if they were kept in some nearby
      > town, in which case I need to run down that gazette or whatever it is.
      > Thanks, Andrea
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      Andy Verostko


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