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  • amiak27
    ... Bill & All, Whereas 15 and 30 years ago the EU standards for emissions lagged behind ours, today These (EU) standards have been subsequently strengthened
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 9, 2005
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      Bill & All,

      Whereas 15 and 30 years ago the EU standards for emissions lagged
      behind ours, today "These (EU) standards have been subsequently
      strengthened several times, and some of the EU's most recent
      standards are more stringent than those of the US, which has not
      tightened them for more than a decade. "
      That is from
      which will tell you more than you ever wished to know about how the
      standards have developed. Their conclusion goes along pretty well
      with my own experience. I hired on for a US federal job in Germany
      in 1987 and had to remove my catalytic converter before shipping my
      car overseas. That resulted from an outdated US concept that
      unleaded gas was not to be had in Germany. Then in 1991 I drove to
      Slovakia with this car and with only a little care found unleaded
      gas to be had. Rather than any in Stara Lubovna, the roadside
      station in Podolinec had unleaded at that time.

      The Euro standards for safety have also improved dramatically and
      they argue that some of their tests have greater relevance to real
      safety than the standard US tests do. That argument goes on even
      within one industry in one country, trying to establish the most
      relevant standard. It is only incidental, of course, if the
      standard favors one's own business!

      Skoda: In 1982 I rented a Skoda on another trip and even though I
      had driven a four cylinder Datsun pickup for ten years, the Skoda
      set a new standard for underpowered vehicles. You had to judge your
      distance, hit the gas and let the motor wind up, and then initiate
      your passing. It made for some interesting driving!

      Bringing foreign cars into the US sometimes does not depend upon
      emissions but rather on protectionism. I bought a Dodge Neon from
      an Army civilian & carefully checked that the VIN began with a 1 ..
      made in North America. That was great until it arrived in Anchorage
      and I tried to take it in for emissions inspection. No one could
      legally test it because the US emissions sticker was not on the
      driver's door. It was a Canadian standard. Everyone acknowledged
      that the car met US standards, but they could not test it by law.
      Chrysler refused to help as they figured I was a "gray marketer"
      trying to buy cheap Canadian and bring it to the US, undercutting
      their profits. It took a letter to the EPA and my congressman to
      get the letter I needed – but only after a high-up in Washington, DC
      called to chew me out for undercutting US industry! He never
      mentioned the environment. I countered that I demanded my rights
      (whatever they may be) under NAFTA. Seemingly NAFTA is just for
      corporate persons, not human people.

      To summarize, check carefully, I believe you will find EU standards
      on cars are quite comparable to ours these days. They just took a
      different route getting there.

      > Good point about the retrofit for emissions. i did not even think
      of that.
      > that would defeat the whole purpose.
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      > > Even bringing a car over yourself requires a retrofit for
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