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Re: NY Necrology or Death Certs and census

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    Deb, You can find information on US census and soundex on my Hints page, url below, also information on getting certificates from NY. About the census
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      You can find information on US census and soundex on my Hints page, url
      below, also information on getting certificates from NY.

      About the census question....

      All states have a soundex for the 1920, 1900 and 1880 censuses (1880 for
      families with children 10 and under only). Many states also have
      soundexes for 1910, but NY is not one of them. See the info on the Hints

      Some NY counties, mostly the "city boroughs" I believe had state
      censuses from 1855- 1925. Many are filmed and available through your
      FHC, as are the Federal Censuses described above. Some counties are not
      filmed. I have personally used the ones for Kings County (Brooklyn).
      Look in the CD catalog at the FHC under the county you are interested
      in. If they are available they'd be listed there.

      Researching in NY is essentially like dealing with two different states
      with two totallly different sets of rules in one. I now understand why
      many people refer to NY as "the black hole of genealogy"!

      NYC - boroughs of New York (Manhattan), Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Bronx
      and Richmond (Staten Island) have one policy, a fairly open one, about
      getting vital records. Most records are filmed and those that arent' can
      be gotten from the Municipal Archives in Manhattan. Info on this again
      is on the Hints page.

      However, anything outside those boroughs is governed by ALBANY, and the
      STATE of New York. Since I grew up on Long Island, but in Suffolk County
      , outside the city limits I have had to get some records from them. You
      write to the town clerk of the county seat, send the money , usually
      they require a letter and sometimes proof that you are related directly
      (ie. granddaughter not niece). Then you get a typed transcript unless
      you specifically ask for a copy.

      You can use the archives in Albany, but I am told that requests there
      take at least a year to hear about. They do have a good "search the
      records" feature for $5 where they will just search and tell you what
      county the record is in, I've used that, and it only took about 2
      months, and they even refunded my money when it wasn't found at all. You
      should be able to find that on the NY USGenWeb page, discussed below.

      Now, here's what I would suggest....

      1. Call the town hall first. Each county is different about rules. Some
      want a money order, some will take a check. Some don't care if you're
      related or not as they don't ask for proof, so if you're NOT the
      granddaughter how are they going to prove it (get my drift <g>)

      2. Join a mailing list for that county, and check the USGenWeb pages
      for that county at http://www.usgenweb.org which should have info on
      getting records. Lots of times those who've researched there can give
      you good hints and tips about who to ask and who not to ask. Some clerks
      are more helpful than others. Mailing lists can be located by going to

      3. As to WHY NY is like this, who knows. It just is. As a former NYer,
      all I can say is, its a NY thing.

      Hope this helps you some.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
      Helpful Hints for Successful Searching
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