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RE: [S-R] Does anyone recognize the word Tiszai

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    I looked at the page. It is here http://tinyurl.com/7os3x According to the main format for the Gazetteer , you are looking at the central, or main church
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 8, 2005
      I looked at the page. It is here http://tinyurl.com/7os3x

      According to the main format for the Gazetteer , you are looking at the
      central, or "main" church for the parish. It can often be the name of the
      Diocese (see RC example below). In this case, it is probably a Diocese.
      Look at other villages in the county, you will see it there also quite
      often, sometimes you see Eperjes(Presov). A parish is often made up of
      multiple villages, each with their own church building. In those days and
      often still today, one priest or minister served all the churches in his

      Here is the secret decoder ring:

      I can't speak for the A.G. faith in terms of organizational structure. That
      is, whether the diocese was named after a real town or otherwise.
      Here is some further background on the church:

      According to the above, it appears to be in the Gemersky diocese today, and
      the central parish today is Chyzne, but it's up to you to figure out the
      diocese structure as it was in 1877.

      Good Luck!
      Bill Tarkulich

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      --- Carl Kotlarchik <kkotlarc@...> wrote:

      > I have used the 1877 Dvorzsak Gazetteer to find
      > Lutheran Churches in
      > the area where my family lived. The question I have
      > is about the
      > word "Tiszai" which is used in the Gazetteer in
      > reference to the AG
      > (Lutheran) records. I have not been able to figure
      > out if this is a
      > town or something else. For example, under the
      > Gomor county records
      > for the village of Suvete, it lists the AG
      > congregation with the word
      > Tiszai. I have not found it on the old maps nor in
      > the Hungarian-
      > English dictionary.
      > Does anyone know what this word means or if it is a
      > place?
      >Suvethe is now called Sivetice in old Gemer County -
      thought Tiszai might refer to the Tiza River - but see
      that Sivetice is on the Muran River - could it refer
      to something like a diocese or larger church
      administrative area - like diocese of Rochester - i.e.
      diocese of the Tiza??


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