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Re: [S-R] Need help with spelling of last name.

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  • Sherry Karson-Simon
    Thanks Bill for the info! Bill Tarkulich wrote:Hello Sherry and welcome. I probably don t have the answer you seek, but can give you
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 22, 2005
      Thanks Bill for the info!

      Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@...> wrote:Hello Sherry and welcome.

      I probably don't have the answer you seek, but can give you some clues.

      In this region, there is probably no one "correct" spelling. Each
      language may have rendered the spelling of the surname differently.
      Consequentially, you may have several "correct" spellings.

      It would be helpful to know the source and time period of each of the
      surname variants. Were the rendered in folklore, written in a document
      (which one?) or some other means? What was their language and religion?
      Did you believe them to be ethnic Slovak, Czech, Ukraine, Magyar, Rusyn,
      or another? What year did the subject(s) immigrate?

      Bill Tarkulich

      > Hello to all. I have recently joined the group. My name is Sharon Karson
      > and I have, recently ,become interested in finding my families roots if
      > possible. The first thing I need to establish is the spelling or
      > spellings of a last name. .....At some point our family name was changed
      > from Krasonja....Kzyonja...Karzonja to Karson. I only heard the name a
      > few times in childhood and that was many many moons ago. Can anyone come
      > up with the correct spelling or something more concrete than my memory.
      > Thanks to all,
      > Sherry

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      Sherry Karson-Simon



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