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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] unclear

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  • helenezx@aol.com
    In a message dated 3/21/0 8:17:46 PM, psm@warwick.net writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2000
      In a message dated 3/21/0 8:17:46 PM, psm@... writes:

      What do you want the content of the letter to say? Where should I
      mail it to? Do you want me to put a postage stamp in with it so that
      you can mail it back to me?? The e-mail you sent is a little unclear
      to these things. Please clairfy them. >>

      Don - tell what you know of your immigrant Magura relative - where they came
      from - but don't think you know that - m,aybe where they first settled in the
      US and what church they attended - or whether they wereCatholic or Greek
      catholic. Mail it to me
      Helene Cincebeaux
      151 Colebrook Dr.
      Rochster NY 14617
      include a stamp so I can forward it and might be nice to include a stamped
      SASE for the other person's convenience.

      I will be mailing your letter to the other person who listed a Magura
      ancestor - this system protects people's privacy and is how we work the
      Slovak Pride.

      I would like all your surnames from Slovakia and would list them and this
      might help someone else - or bring you a connection on down the line.

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