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Re: [S-R] Polhora, Arva Megye = Oravska Polhora

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  • Bernardine Weigand
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
      johnqadam wrote:
      > The 1828 Hungarian Census list of villages shows Polhora, Arva Megye
      > = county.
      > Reference to the 1910 map at
      > http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/arva.jpg shows Polhora in the
      > pink area, near top center of map.
      > A current map shows the village as Oravska Polhora.
      > To locate places in Europe, especially if you are not sure of the
      > proper spelling of the place name, the best reference is found at
      > http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm
      > ShtelSeeker will take you there via Mapquest.
      > I hope that this is your spot.
      > CENTER (FHC)
      > When searching for genealogical information, knowing the birth
      > village is paramount because records are organized by village not
      > nationally, so it is not possible to search on a national basis. It
      > is also necessary to know the religion. To locate church records for
      > Slovakia, knowing the village/town name, go to the LDS web site:
      > www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp
      > LDS has Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms, marriages and
      > deaths for Rab�a, Slovakia, formerly Rabcsa, �rva, Hungary. Includes
      > affiliated towns of Oravsk� Polhora, Slovakia, and Siheln�,
      > Slovakia, formerly, Polhora, �rva, Hungary and Szihelne, �rva,
      > Hungary.
      > Krsten� 1810-1821, 1766-1809 Krsten� 1766-1819 (Or.Polhora, Siheln�)
      > Krsten� 1822-1843 Cirkevn� u�t� 1846-1897 - FHL INTL Film [ 2010678
      > Items 10-11 ]
      > Krsteni 1844-1897 Sob��en� 1787-1897 Zomrel� 1786-1830 Zomrel� 1786-
      > 1821 (Or. Polhora, Siheln�) - VAULT INTL Film [ 2010679 ]
      > Zomrel� 1821-1830 (Polhora, Siheln�) Zomrel� 1830-1910 - VAULT INTL
      > Film [ 2010680 Items 1-4 ]
      > You can go to the LDS web site to locate your nearest Family History
      > Center (FHC) and determine their hours of operation. You will need
      > to go there in person to order the film(s). In about a month, the
      > film will arrive and you can book a film reader and begin your
      > research.
      > Checkout http://www.bmi.net/jjaso/ for parish record header
      > translations.
      > LDS also has a pretty good translation guide which you can download.
      > See forums.delphiforums.com/iarelative/messages message #3931.1 for
      > details.
      > Good luck
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    • James McGrath
      Hi everyone! I have the family name Benyasko in my family tree, and it turned up in the late 19th and early 20th centuries at radixindex.com and arcanum.hu,
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
        Hi everyone! I have the family name Benyasko in my
        family tree, and it turned up in the late 19th and
        early 20th centuries at radixindex.com and arcanum.hu,
        both times in connection with Spisske Podhradie, and
        thus my own ancestral place of origins.

        The name seems fairly unusual, and thus I am wondering
        whether anyone else has ever come across it. I'm also
        wondering if it could be a variant version of, or have
        developed from, some other name.

        Any suggestions would be most welcome!

        James McGrath

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