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Re: Translation help

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  • Frank Kurchina
    The unofficial Slavic Studies School spokesman is correct as always :-) z^úpnik = parish priest, rector in Slovene. z^upa = parish + nik. -nik is an
    Message 1 of 34 , Mar 12, 2000
      The "unofficial" Slavic Studies School spokesman is
      correct as always :-)

      z^úpnik = parish priest, rector in Slovene.
      z^upa = parish + nik.
      -nik is an occupational title affix; same as in Slovak and Croat.

      svec'enik = priest, clergyman and z^upnik = parish priest in Croat.

      farár (Sv) Pfarrer (G) pap (H) = priest

      knez = priest, minister in Czech, and farní = parish.


      To view the various Slavic alphabets with their diacritic marks try
      this URL.
      Click, SK = Slovak, CZ = Czech, HR = Croatian, SL = Slovene, etc.

      RUssian, YU (Serbian), and UA (Ukrainian) are shown with Cyrillic
      alphabets which they use instead of the Roman (Latin) alphabet.

    • Julie Mark
      I’m glad to know all this now! Thank you again Sandra, it’s very helpful information. I sometimes feel I find more valuable stuff on FamilySearch than I
      Message 34 of 34 , Feb 26, 2016

        I’m glad to know all this now!  Thank you again Sandra, it’s very helpful information.  I sometimes feel I find more valuable stuff on FamilySearch than I do on  Ancestry J




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        You are welcome Julie!


        I click on “Browse Published Collections” and check for latest updates on Familysearch to see what has been digitized and added to the on line collection.  I always only looked at the “Historical Record Collections”.  Then I was told records from the county where I live were digitized.   The record titles weren’t showing as updated nor individually listed in the historical record collection.  I had to search all the records in my county using the catalog search feature.  It’s the same process you would use if you were ordering film to be sent to your local family history center.  I don’t know why the records aren’t showing as an updated collection or added to historical record collections, but I am thrilled they are done.  My advice to anyone waiting for film to be placed on Familysearch is to go through the catalog and see if they are done.


        Have fun searching and happy to have helped,




        On Feb 26, 2016, at 11:24 AM, 'Julie Mark' jkmark@... [SLOVAK-ROOTS] <SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com> wrote:



        Thank you Sandra!


        I haven’t done that type of search before, I appreciate you explaining it.  I just did it and will now check my other villages so see if there are other records out there I haven’t seen.




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        Hi Julie,


        Yes, that is a page from the Roman Catholic church in Kapusany.


        I’ve combed through the records multiple times and the Ragyak surname is certainly found in the records.  I stumbled on the records a few weeks ago. They were on Familysearch years ago when the Slovak records were first digitized, but removed as the records extended past 1895.  I was looking to order the films and spotted the little camera icon - that means the records are digitized. 


        Go to the home page and pull down the search menu. Select Catalog.  Use Kapusany as the place term and select Slovakia, Presov, Kapusany.  Click on Church Records, then Cirkevna matrika,1822-1926,  scroll down to the film notes and look to the right for the camera icon and click the icon.  The entire roll will pop up, just double check which item numbers correspond to the portion of the digitized reel you wish to search.  


        I am sorting out all the Vidumsky families from the Kapusany/Nemcovce area.  I know I’ve seen a Vidumsky (alias Gyuras, Demjacky or Franko, they loved their alias names) was married to a Ragyak.


        Let me know if you have problems accessing the records as I described.


        Sandra Panzitta



        On Feb 25, 2016, at 7:38 PM, 'Julie Mark' jkmark@... [SLOVAK-ROOTS] <SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com> wrote:



        Hi Sandra,


        I can see that these look like the Roman Catholic records from Kapusany.  But I can’t seem to figure out how you would go about finding them (i.e. normally I would select the religion and then the county and then the village).  But this page just has a film number in the top left.  The reason I’m curious is because the record directly under the one you are asking about is my maiden name, Radak (Hungarian spelling of Ragyak). My ancestors are from Kapusany and nearby Fulianka, but are Greek Catholic (at least the immigrant generation was) and I have hit a dead end with them.  I see Ragyak lots of times in this record book.  How did you find these records?


        Julie (Radak) Mark


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        Subject: [S-R] Translation help



        Would someone please take a look at entry #10, death of Janos Vidumsky alias Gyuras who died on April 4, 1876 and translate his cause of death and the notes?  I was only able to translate died, clergy and murder (?).

        It has me scratching my head.


        Here's the link:https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-DYZ3-9TB?mode=g&i=295&cat=725757


        Thanks much,







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