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Re: Can Someone Help Jackie

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  • Frank
    ... with her genealogy. I do not have the access to resources that some of you have. ... gave I came up empty handed. ... Michael Jackie S seeks the surnames
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 12, 2005
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Mojher" <mgmojher@j...>
      > Since my return Jackie Stitch has asked if I might help her
      with her genealogy. I do not have the access to resources that some of
      you have.
      > I tried Ellis Island, but even with the specific information she
      gave I came up empty handed.
      > Attached are the e-mails that she has sent me.
      > Michael Mojher
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

      Jackie S seeks the surnames Danko or Danyko (Dan'ko) from Slovakia.
      EIR list 1684 surname bearers Danko and 84 surname Danyko bearers
      who had emigrated (1892-1924)
      Probably 2500-3500 surname Danko bearers just in the US.

      Organista doesn't look like a Slovak (Slavic) surname ?
      Organista is a Romance language spelling probably Spanish.
      The surname Organista does appear in Poland.

      Expect she wants the R.C. parish church records for St. Andrew the
      Apostle church, Magyarkopronca (H) Koprivnica (Sk), okres Bardejov.
      LDS-Mormons filmed the Roman Catholic parish registers (1844-1908) for
      Koprivnica, Slovakia, formerly Kaproncza, Sáros megye(county),
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.
      film # 1792768

      In Hungarian the matriky are titled
      Kereszteltek Anyakönyve = Baptism Records
      Házasultak Anyakönyve = Marriage Records
      Halottak Anyakönyve = Death Records

      In Latin the matriky are titled matricula.
      Matricula Baptisatorum = Baptism Records
      Matricula Copulatorum = Marriage Records
      Matricula Defunctorum = Death Records

      Only the film headers are written in Slovak "matriky"
      (parish church records)
      Krstení = Baptisms (Christenings)
      Sobás^ení = Marriages
      Zomrelí = Deaths

      Krstení­ 1853-1871 Zomrelí­ 1855-1878 Krstení­ 1872-1877
      1848-1878 Krstení­ 1878 Zomrelí­ 1878 Krstení­ 1879-1908 Zomrelí­
      1879-1908 Sobás^ení­ 1878-1908 DRUHOPISY
      Krstení, Sobás^ení,Zomrelí­1860-1895

      Frank K
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