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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Looking for information

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  • jsim
    Do you know how Mary Jane s family spelled their name? Thought this might possibly be them. Jim ... From: To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 7, 2000
      Do you know how Mary Jane's family spelled their name? Thought this might
      possibly be them.
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      > In a message dated 3/7/0 3:10:06 PM, endotrail@... writes:
      > << I am trying to find some information on my family. My
      > Great-grandfather was Stephen Czagas. He was born in Hungary and
      > married Catherine Cere. >>
      > Try to find out where they lived and the church that the family
      > when they first came to America - this would be a clue - people often came
      > a place where they knew others. Did Stephen become a citizen - his papers
      > declaration of intent should show his birthplace. You need to find out if
      > was what is Hungary today or if it was another place such as what is no
      > Slovakia or now part of Romania, etc.
      > What did your family call themselves - Slovak, Hungarian? This is
      > There were colonies of Slovaks living in Hungary such as around
      > for the past 275 years.
      > helene
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