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Re: [S-R] Szolyva in Ukraine - Kisszolyva

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  • Frank
    ... Szkotarszka. ... and other ... for ... Before WWI, Slovakia was part of Upper-Hungary (Felvidék) and part of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1867-1918) and
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Tarkulich"
      <bill.tarkulich@i...> wrote:
      > Joe is right on the mark. It's Kisszolyva, which is present-day
      > Szkotarszke, Ukraine. In 1939 under Hungary rule it was called
      > Sometimes people would drop the prefix on documents on immigration
      and other
      > records, for whatever reason.
      > See also http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/place_name_terminology.htm
      > common place name terminology.
      > ______________
      > Bill Tarkulich

      Before WWI, Slovakia was part of Upper-Hungary (Felvidék) and
      part of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1867-1918) and earlier the
      Austrian Empire.
      Czech-Bohemia was an Austrian Crownland and also part of the
      Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1867-1918).
      In 1920, a newly-formed country of Czechoslovakia was created from the
      Austrian Crownlands (Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian-Silesia) and a
      portion of Upper-Hungary (Slovakia and Karpatho-Ukraine).
      (Until this time there was no country called "Czechoslovakia")

      The area of today's Karpatho-Ukraine was part of the Kingdom of
      Hungary from the 10th century to 1919, and formed the counties,
      (comitatus in Latin, which was the legal language of administration
      until 1844, Komitat or Gespannschaft in German, Megye in Magyar),
      of Ung,(capital Ungvar), Bereg (Beregszasz), U-gocsa (Nagy-Szállos),
      and Máramaros (Marmaros-Szighet).
      They did not form a special administrative area during Hungarian rule.

      The larger part, with an area of 12,600 km or 5,400 sq. miles, was
      annexed by the newly created Czechoslovak Republic, or CSR, a
      smaller part of Marmaros Komitat by Romania.
      Both countries gave cities and villages new official names.

      The parts taken by the CSR were organized into the province of
      Podkarpatska Rus, divided into four Z^upy (Uz^horod, Mukac^evo,
      Berehovo, Marmaros^) whose boundaries followed roughly the old
      Komitat boundaries.The county capitals were Uz^horod, (Ungvár),
      Berehova, (Beregszasz), Mukac^evo (Munkács, German Munkatsch),
      while the new capital of Czech Marmaros was Chust
      (Huszt), since Máramarossziget was now the capital of Rumanian
      Marmaros under the name of Sighetul Marmariei.
      The area had been promised autonomy in 1919, and finally
      received it in October 1938 in the wake of the Munich agreement.
      However, the Southern strip, populated mainly by Magyars (ethnic
      Hungarians), was returned to Hungary, which annexed the remainder
      of the area in March 1939.
      In 1945, Czechoslovakia was restored back to its pre-Munich borders,
      less Subcarpathian Rus' which the Soviet Union kept.
      (The Allies stripped Hungary of all its post-Munich acquisitions and
      returned the country to its Trianon (1920) boundaries)
      The Karpatho-Ukraine was annexed in June 1945 by the Soviet Union.
      Since 1991, it has been part of the independent Republic Ukraine.

      For genealogists, the boundary changes, especially when dividing of
      a village from its county capital, where many records were collected,
      presents great challenges.

      Szolyva (H) Solva (Cz) is now called Svaljava (Ukr)
      Szolyva was the county seat of Bereg megye.
      Rusyns speak 'po nashemu'; their language is similar to Ukrainian and
      also uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

      Kisszolyva (H)
      Szkota'rzka (H)
      C K O T A P C b K E (Cyrillic)
      S k o t a r s - k e (Ukr)

      Verécze járás (district)
      Verjacja (Rusn)
      Alsóvereczke (H)
      now Nyzni Vorota
      Niz^ni Vorota
      H |/| >< H I B O P O T A (Cyrillic)
      N i zh n e V o r o t a (Ukr)
      Felso"vereczke (H)
      B E P >< H I B O P O T A (Cyrillic)
      V e r zh n i V o r o t a (Ukr)

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      > Was this the map you were looking at? (It's large, will take a
      while to
      > load over a modem):
      > http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/bereg.jpg
      > For the two Vereczke villages, one is A. Vereczke (for Also
      Vereczke, Lower
      > Vereczke) and the other F. Vereczke (for Felso Vereczke, Upper
      > For the village Szolyva, there's a capital letter in front of it
      which I
      > can't quite make out for certain. Is it K? (might be for Kis =
      > Szolyva).
      > Joe
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      > Subject: [S-R] Szolyva in Ukraine
      > Bill...
      > I have been enjoying this map of Bereq that you sent where I see the
      > of Munkacs, Bereqszasz, Szolyva, but I have now a BIG question! As
      > looking
      > at the map, I see that there's the city of Szolyva in bold letters,
      > above Munkacs. IT's very obvious on the map. But if I look at the
      > northeast
      > area near the cities of Verecke, I see another little village names
      > This is strange for me, as there's a little village and the bigger
      town in 2
      > different areas.
      > Can you explain what this might be?
      > Also.....I saw in the same area there's a Verecke, and then to the
      left of
      > it, there's another Verecke.
      > This is confusing to me....
      > Can you give me your thoughts?
      > DAniel
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