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    Dear Frank and list members, Please see my **responses to Frank s questions below. ... From: Frank Kurchina To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2000
      Dear Frank and list members,
      Please see my **responses to Frank's questions below.
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      > From: "Frank Kurchina" <frankur@...>
      > 118 surname Mrazik are listed in the Social Security Death Index.
      > http://ssdi.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?f3=Mrazik
      > &f4=&f0=&f1=&f2=&f20=&db=ssdi&submit423=Search&f13
      > =&f15=&f14=&f12=&f9=&f8=&f10=&f6=&f5=&f7=
      > Probably several hundred surname bearers living in just the U.S.
      ** Yes, I believe I have found several members of the family in the Social
      Security Death Index. In fact I have sent for and received the applications
      for my Husband's grandparents, Stefan and Mary MRAZIK. (Stefan b. 4 Apr.
      1889. Died 15 Sept. 1970. Mary b.31 Jan. 1896. Died 3 Feb. 1980.) We were
      told his grandfather was only known as Stefan but have since found some
      documents with Stephen and Steve. On the Social Security Application his
      name was listed as Stephen. His date of birth 4 April 1889 and listed
      Czechoslovakia as his place of birth. His parents were listed as Paul Mrazik
      and Betty (her last name difficult to read) ? Kovonse? He signed this
      application in 1936. Mary listed her birth as 31 Jan. 1896 in Czechoslovakia
      and her parents as Joseph KOTES and Julia JURACIC (Have seen various
      spellings for this surname).
      I have also sent for and received Stefan and Mary's marriage application.
      Unfortunately they sent me a transcribed copy which lists Mary as Mary Koles
      instead of KOTES. Here Stefan is listed as Steve. Date & place of marriage:
      5 July 1913 Milwaukee Co., WI. On this application they and their parents
      were all listed as born in Hungary. Stefan's parents listed as Paul MRAZIK
      and Eliz. Kosac. According to family her surname was KOVACK.
      I just recently looked at the 1920 soundex index for Milwaukee Co., WI
      census. I have the microfilm of the census on order. Here I found Mary's
      parents Joseph & Julia KOTES. (Joseph b. 1869. He died 1943. Julia b. 1870.
      She died 1959. We obtained this information when we visited their graves.)
      Listed for citizenship: Joseph, 1902 Pa and Julia just has NR. I don't know
      what these letters stand for. Both listed their birthplace as Slovakland. By
      this date they had two sons still living at home, both having been born in
      Michigan. The oldest is 13. I managed to find another son, John (b. 15 Jun
      1897. Died 29 Sept. 1982) Listed for citizenship: 1903 Pa Listed birthplace
      as Bohemia. I am hoping that this place name is more specific than I've
      found so far for the KOTES family. I found Steve (Stefan) MRAZIK and Mary
      (KOTES) MRAZIK with two children. His citizenship was listed as 1902 Na
      1915. I really don't know what this means. Mary's is just Na Both listed
      Slovakland as birthplace. I also found his brother John MRAZIK. His
      citizenship listed as 1905 Na 1910 and birthplace as Slovakia.
      > You need to identify your particular surname more specifically ?
      **I'm not sure what I might have left out? If I know the information, I
      would be happy to list it.
      > What was surname town/village of origin in Slovakia ?
      **I am still in the process of trying to find this information.
      > Were surnames naturalized as citizens ?
      **I think they were and am in the process of trying to find that
      > What was surname religion ?
      **MRAZIK was Lutheran and KOTES was Roman Catholic.
      > When did surnames emigrate to the U.S. ? Port of entry ?
      **Still in the process of trying to learn these details. I am hoping the
      Census will provide the clues I need.
      > What documentation do you have (if any) ?
      **MRAZIK & KOTES marriage aplication, their SS Applications and (just
      recently) a copy of the 1920 census soundex index with both MRAZIK and KOTES
      > Were surnames listed in the SSDI ?
      > see above
      > Kovack can be a version of the Hungarian surname Kovach, Kov�cs,
      > Kovats.
      > In Hungarian, the letter cs is equivalent to the Slovak diacritic
      > c^ = ch.
      > Hungarians had a surname ending -ics which was not native to
      > Hungarian but a phonetic adaptation i.e. written -ics pron. ick.
      > This was akin to South Slavic surname affix -ic'/-vic', -ovic'
      > pron. ovich, meaning 'son of'.
      **Thank-you for this information! So this is likely why I have seen so many
      variations with some of these names! I'll have to try not to let it confuse
      me anymore!
      > You originally posted a query in May 2, 1999 at another Slovak
      > ethnic site.
      **This was in my early research and I failed to make note of this posting or
      where or what I posted. Live and learn! :-)
      > Where is Brezovan located ? Is it one of the 3 Brezov�
      > located in Slovakia ?
      ** Could be. This is still a bit of mystery for me.
      Years ago before Husband's father died we had asked about his family
      history. The oldest family member still living is his 85 yr. old sister,
      Ann, who lives in California, we live in midwest. She has tried to help.
      Information from the two has been conflicting. But based on what we have
      managed to learn at this point, if I had to guess which of the two had the
      most accurate information it would be Ann.
      > Have you found any additional clues in the past year ?
      **Most I have listed above. There is another new interesting clue. We
      received Juila (JURASCICS) KOTES family Bible. Very well used/worn
      condition. It has writting in the back in pencil that is impossible to make
      out, but also in the Bible were two death notices for a Stephan Jurascics
      died 1906 and his mother Antonia died 1914. The father/husband's name was
      Martin. He was born 1874 in Maaszt/Mast, Slovakia., died 1953 in a catholic
      run hospital in the 2nd district of Vienna. (I think he might be a younger
      brother of Julia). He was a grocer in the 10th district of Vienna. I sent
      for the death records from St. Johann Church in Vienna. They sent me
      information for all three of them, and mighty quickly I might add! :-)
      Thankfully another researcher was very kind to translate that information
      from the death notices and death records for me!
      > To help you researchers need some clues, too ?
      **Thank-you Frank for your response!
      If you, or other list members should see anything in my clues that you would
      like to point out or any tips would be appreciated
      I hope I haven't made this too long. As time goes by hopefully I'll get
      better a condensing without fear of omitting.
      Sincerely appreciate yor help,
      Peggy Mrazk
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