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Re: Intro and why I joined

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  • Frank
    ... bit about ... wonderful ... These are ... know where ... the ... names I have ... was not ... having. Neither ... came to USA. ... confused ... have found
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2005
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, JenE1215@a... wrote:
      > Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little
      bit about
      > why I joined this group.
      > My name is Jennifer Martinek and I am from Warren, OH. I have four
      > children: Justin (20); Deena (18); Jaime (8); and Erika (5 1/2).
      These are
      > the reason for my wanting to find my ancestors so that my kids will
      know where
      > we came from.
      > My father's side of the family as well as my father in law's side of
      > family are from the old Austrio-Hungry and now Czechoslovakia. The
      names I have
      > been trying to find are KOTASEK and MARTINEK. I appologize if this
      was not
      > allowed. Just trying to explain a little of the problems I am
      having. Neither
      > of these sides knows anything about what happened before ancestors
      came to USA.
      > All they know is that they are Slovak and/or Polish. I am totally
      > in this area and was hoping to find some help. All records that I
      have found
      > do not list any towns only countries which I know doesn't help much.

      > Thank you again and it's great to be in this group. I'm hoping to
      learn alot
      > more information that will give me a better understanding on what to
      do and
      > where to look for what i need.
      > Jennifer


      Although Kotasek and Martinek can be Slovak surnames Ellis Island
      Records (EIR) 1892-1924 suggests these surnames are from Czech-Bohemia
      or Austria rather than Slovakia or Hungary.
      EIR lists 226 surnames Martinek with the majority from Czech-Bohemia
      and Austria and with several from former Polish Galicia
      EIR lists only 27 surnames Kotasek (from Czech-Bohemia, Moravia, and
      Austia and only one from Slovakia.
      The Slovakia telephone directory lists 43 surnames Martinek and 20
      surnames Kotásek.
      What list needs are your surnames given names and dates of their
      emigration to US.

      As for naturalization papers these can also contain errors.
      My paternal grandparent's naturalization papers listed wrong country,
      wrong town of origin, wrong emperor and it took me 5 more
      years to locate their correct place of origin.

      Frank K

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