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Re: [S-R] Taxpayers but not villages in the 1715 census

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  • Alan Antoska
    Jeff, (I think) I replicated your search. Your Kis Pallugya shows Oldalszam 203, 204. My KP shows pages 87, 88, 153, 154. Likewise, on the pages for
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 11, 2005
      (I think) I replicated your search.
      Your Kis Pallugya shows 'Oldalszam' 203, 204.
      My KP shows pages 87, 88, 153, 154.
      Likewise, on the pages for Demenfalva, yours & mine are
      also different.

      Therefore we are not looking at the same search results.
      You did a name search, on the green page. I didn't.

      I drilled down on the 1715 census (LHS, below the pop-up
      menu) to Lipto county and managed to get a list of all the
      villages, again on the lhs). By clicking on the folder
      icons for each village, the taxpayer names then appear on
      the rhs of the page. Plus all the village name variants, up
      to present.
      I never got to the green search page and the 'big list'
      (which btw, does not appear to respond to a shortcut
      command of jumping to names starting with (say) K when I
      press K on the keyboard).

      Arcanum was not able to show 'your' pages 203 & 204 so I
      was not able to compare with mine, nor gleen a clue as to
      what period they covered.
      I suspect, your search results are not 1715. Could be a
      later year, a conglomerate of years stored on their db or
      My Hungarian is 'zip' so that also does not help.
      We should pin down exactly what we are looking at.

      BTW I have had a little breakthru (which I need to share).
      Archival land records show my ancestors 'inherited' land in
      Szent-Istvan (Svaty Stefan (S) or St. Steven (E)). That
      place does not exist today. Folklore said the Turks
      destroyed it as it was built on an exposed hill-top and the
      surviving villagers, including my ancestors, moved to
      present day Ziar, a distance of only about 2 klm.

      However surprisingly, I find SI on this 1715 census,
      without my family names listed. Also, I need to check, but
      I believe the Otterman Turks were forced out of Hungary
      before 1700 so they did not destroy Szent-Istvan.
      Did I say breakthru? Perhaps not. Just more questions and
      another example of the facts not supporting the folklore.

      --- jeff_stana <jeff@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps I was unclear Alan, sorry.
      > "Kis Pallugya" was a score when searching for "STANO"
      > under the 1715
      > tax census.
      > See:
      > h.htm&2.0
      > I got a different set of taxpayers than you, so perhaps
      > we are
      > looking at a different village(?) Which gets back to my
      > original
      > query -- my arcanum record does not give provide country
      > reference
      > (SK), as does the Paludzka hit, which you site. Since my
      > normal
      > pursuit is the Spis region, I did not recognize Lipto
      > area names.
      > I do appreciate the fine details which you add to your
      > comments Alan.
      > Much obliged.
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Alan Antoska
      > <aantoska@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > Jeff,
      > > Not so fast. The 1715 urbarial census shows:
      > >
      > > Kis-Paludgya, Palugya, Kis-, Kispalugya, Liptó,
      > Palúdzka,
      > > SK, Liptószentmiklós része
      > > Adózók neve: Joannes Zbada; Jacobus Argay; Andreas
      > Kusnyer;
      > > Martinus Guoth; Martinus Pasko; Martinus Kreva; Paulus
      > > Vrabecz; Georgius Hreyár; Andreas Argay
      > > Oldalszám: 87, 88, 153, 154,
      > >
      > > Deménfalva, Deménfalva, Deménfalu, Liptó,
      > Demänová, SK
      > > Adózók neve: Paulus Kustka; Michael Mahulka; Georgius
      > > Pancsovich
      > > Oldalszám: 89, 90, 153, 154,
      > >
      > > My point being, I don't understand how a search for
      > > 'SZTANYA' would give you a hit in either Paludzka (a
      > > 'suburb' of Liptovsky Mikulas (LM) in which the
      > hospital is
      > > located) and Demanova (after which village a distillery
      > is
      > > named).
      > >
      > > The closest name in my db is 'Stanco' from the village
      > of
      > > Veterna Poruba, 10 klm NE of LM.

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