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1773 Urbarium on-line?

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  • bbadzio@look.ca
    Thank you, Bill, for your suggestion. I don t believe, however, that I see what I m looking for. Just to clarify what Urbarium I mean, it is the one that is
    Message 1 of 26 , Mar 6, 2005
      Thank you, Bill, for your suggestion.

      I don't believe, however, that I see what I'm looking for. Just to clarify
      what Urbarium I mean, it is the one that is found in FHL catalog:

      Title: Urbéri tabellák, 1767-1773
      Authors: Magyarország. Helytartótanács (Main Author)

      Notes: Az eredeti iratok mikrofilmre vétele Budapesten a Magyar Országos
      Levéltárban történt.
      Feudal land tenancy census records of Hungary, the so-called "Urbarium" or
      "Urbéri tabellák", a document that defines the goods and services that a
      serf was obligated to give to the feudal lord. Includes names of
      landowners and serfs. Arranged by counties, and within the counties by
      villages in alphabetical order. Includes primarily the years 1767-1773,
      with some entries and the index covering the years 1723-1848. Some areas
      that were in Hungary when these records were kept are now in Slovakia,
      Romania and Ukraine

      When I searched Arcanum for "1773", 142 hits came up. Part of the titles
      looked similar to this:

      **Urbaria et Conscriptiones/IRREGESTRATA/UC 4/UC 4 : 17**,

      and the other part - to this:

      **A középkori Magyarország levéltári forrásainak adatbázisa/U szekció:
      DIPLOMATIKAI FÉNYKÉPGYÛJTEMÉNY/Magyarország/Vas Megyei Levéltár/DF

      Just to make sure that this Urbarium was not "hidden" (meaning that it
      could not be browsed, only searched), I searched the whole database for
      the surnames I had just recorded from the microfilm copy of the Urbarium.
      There were many I did not find.

      Of course, none of what I just said proves that the Urbarium I'm looking
      for is not on the Arcanum site, but I have my doubts that it is there...

      Will be grateful for any further information.


      > I see 1773 in there. Do a search on "1773"
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      > Bill Tarkulich
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      > Subject: [S-R] 1773 Urbarium on-line?
      > I wonder if anyone knows whether there are any plans (by Arcanum or
      > others) to put the 1767-1773 Urbarium census on-line.
      > Thank you,
      > Bohdana
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