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RE: [S-R] 1600-1700s Hung Census &Gazetteer - Request for help de ciphering!

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  • Janet Kozlay
    Dear Peter, I could not believe my eyes. I am speechless. How is it possible that just by chance you chose to feature in your instructions the very names and
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 4, 2005
      Dear Peter,

      I could not believe my eyes. I am speechless. How is it possible that just
      by chance you chose to feature in your instructions the very names and
      places I have been hunting for nearly four years--Kozla, Kozlai, Kozik, and
      Lovinobana (for which I have not been able to locate church records). This
      has proven to be a particularly elusive family. I thought I had become
      fairly proficient at searching the Arcanum.hu/mol databases, but I was
      always baffled by the green screen, and generally ignored it. Now, with your
      very clear instructions and translations of the terms, I am ready to give it
      another shot.

      I have also recently acquired the Konyvtar IV DVD from Arcanum, which has a
      very large number of databases relating to Hungarian nobility, including but
      certainly not limited to Nagy Iván, Kempelen Béla, and Siebmacher's
      Wappenbuch. Some of your instructions also apply to those databases, which I
      have been learning as I played with the DVD. If anyone is interested, I
      would be happy to search out names and places as long as I don't get
      overwhelmed with requests. Many of us were extremely unhappy when Arcanum
      removed the Nagy and Kempelen databases from their free website, which is
      why I broke down and ordered the DVD. I had no idea that there were numerous
      other databases that also were rich sources of information.

      I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to provide this worksheet.


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      you wrote:

      > I'm a big dummy.....I've been going to this site and am just totalled
      > confused......
      > I've tried putting the names of the villages that I know my ancestors
      > lived
      > in....and pages come up with various collections of words...but I have no
      > idea what to do next....I see arrows at the top right to go forward and
      > back - forward and back to what? I don't know where I am now!

      There are plenty of databases, referring to different documents stored
      in National Archives - this would be an exercise for professional
      researchers. I would strongly recommend to search only the 1715 taxpayer
      census. Do not enter the yellow menu in the left. It is enough to follow
      the instruction presented in this forum or to use my guide published here

      First exercise is to locate the towns, you should know either official
      name in 1913, or present official name, or name according the Lipszky
      gazetteer, or name valid in 1715.

      You are looking for villages Kinces (near Dvorianky) and in Jozsefvolgy
      and in Velke Berezne
      Kincses, now Chincius is in Romania, in what county was your Kinces
      Józsefvolgy, former Zemplen county, now Juskova Vola is in Slovakia
      Nagyberezna, former Ung county, now Velikij Bereznij is in Ukraine

      I checked the town Jozsefvolgy using long list for 1913 town names.
      There was one match:
      Town: Juszko Volya, Vólya, Juszko-, Józsefvölgy, Zemplén, Juskova Voľa,
      SK (all alternative spellings)

      Adózók neve (taxpayers): Scultetus Lukas Sziszál; Franciscus barna;
      Georgius Sziszák; Alexender Kozanski; Alexender Sziszák

      Oldalszám: 9, 340, - hypelink to the scanned pages.

      Let me please know, if the instructions on the page

      were useful for you.

      Happy hunting


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