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RE: [S-R] Sp. Bela

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    The protocol most discussion group use to say no to not reply. Save filling up the inbox. ______________ Bill Tarkulich ... From: jwm469@wireweb.net
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 26, 2005
      The protocol most discussion group use to say "no" to not reply. Save
      filling up the inbox.

      Bill Tarkulich

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      I was hoping that someone already had the records and would check to see if
      there is a Maria Bratko listed in the
      records who was born about 8 Sep 1871. I was hoping to speed the process
      along and not have to order a fiolm that
      does not contain her name. I've spent too much time and money spinning me
      wheels trying to locate my great
      grandmother and her family. I've been looking for over 15 years with no
      luck. It was by pure chance that I looked at
      the WWI registration cards (again) and found me granduncle Andrew listing
      his birthplace as Bala.

      So - if anyone has the records for Sp. Bela they would be able to check that
      time period for Maria' irth and say -yes or
      no. I wasn't asking for anyone to provide the information.


      PS - if anyone has ancestors - either GC or RC - that went to church in
      Holumnica or Stotnice (sp) I have the records
      and would be willing to look up info/family for them. This is the area from
      which my Molchany family emigrated - Jurske
      being the village.

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