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Re: [S-R] SANDORFY and Sandorf (Prievaly)

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear Marilyn, As you know already, the former Sandorf is now called Prievaly. The word Sandorf is german. I do not know what it originates from or what was
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 21, 2005
      Dear Marilyn,
      As you know already, the former Sandorf is now called Prievaly.
      The word Sandorf is german. I do not know what it originates from or what was supposed to be the meaning, but it has no connection ( in terms of meaning) to Prievaly.The meaning of Prievaly would be something like a place where you "roll over".
      This village is known since 1439 when it had a name Svancendorf which indicates the village was most probably set up by the german colonists. Svancendorf means "Tail village".
      The first settlers always had a man called Locator, who was responsible ( based on the contratct with the Landlord) for setting up the village and get together enough people.
      This man had a function of a Mayor. This office was inheritable. More often than not, these men took the name of the village.
      So if you today find a name which originates in the name of some village, you can pretty safely assume one of his ancestors was a Mayor in that place. This was , however many centuries ago and can not be documented.
      As you see, there was time enough for the members of the family to spread over the country. There were much more migrations in those times than we tend to believe.


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      Subject: [S-R] SANDORFY and Sandorf (Prievaly)

      I recently learned that present-day village, Prievaly, was formerly called Sandorf in the late 1800's, and I am wondering if there is some connection between the village of Sandorf and my family surname: which is SANDORFY or SANDORFI. Does the 'y' or 'i' added to the root-name Sandorf mean "of the village"? Could this surname have originated in the village of Sandorf?

      My Sandorfy ancestor gave the village of Zemplen, Hungary as his place of birth on his naturalization papers. I realize that Prievaly is in eastern Slovakia and present-day Zemplin is west, so it is unlikely that they once lived in Sandorf. Still, I wonder if there is a connection between Sandorf the village and Sandorfy the surname.

      Thanks in advance!

      Marilyn Sandorf

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