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RE: [S-R] Church Records Available

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Excellent first hand information Alan. Thanks! ______________ Bill Tarkulich ... From: Alan Antoska [mailto:aantoska@yahoo.com] Sent: Sunday, February 20,
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      Excellent first hand information Alan. Thanks!

      Bill Tarkulich

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      G'day Bill,
      My 'druhopisy' experience may help others.

      My ancestors Lutheran church in Liptov has a 'drohopisy'
      It appears that when the government ordered a muster of the
      pre 1895 registers, our farar, (either on his own
      initiative or under instruction), laboriously hand copied
      the registers that were required to be mustered.

      This enabled him to comply with the muster order and to
      have the convenience of the copied registers at hand. I
      have viewed the films of the originals at the LDS and I
      have viewed the druhopisy at the local church.

      There are some differences. Firstly, the druhopisy may
      contain errors caused in the process of data transfer. Secondly, the
      druhopisy continued to be updated for deaths as time elapsed. ie The birth
      and marriage registers had death dates added, by subsequent parish scribes,
      as the events occurred. This was most useful. In addition, the local church
      kept an alphabetical name index for each register, so one only had to lookup
      a name in the index to be directed to the page of the entry. To my
      knowledge, the indexs were not included in the muster order or if they were,
      I have not seen one yet on an LDS film.

      The LDS never went from church to church. The LDS only
      filmed what was in the archives. Sometimes, a druhopisy,
      found its way to the archive after the 1952 muster and
      before the filming in the mid-late 1990's. Therefore, being
      at hand, it was filmed.

      Are there registers not in the archives?
      Yes. There may still be druhopisy actively used in the
      local churches and there may be original registers, which
      for whatever reason, were never surrendered in the muster.

      How do you find out?
      Unless you are looking at the local village level, I
      suggest that you probably never will.
      It is possible that some registers 'arrived' at the
      archives after LDS filming took place, but they should be available for
      inspection at the archive.

      My experience may not be representative of others!

      May a kind Providence prosper your efforts.
      Regards / ciao / S pozdravom,

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