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Re: [S-R] Czech translation and Archivex/research question

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear Maura, In short; They are way too busy with their own archival work and genealogy is not one of their priorities. They recommend you to take a private
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2005
      Dear Maura,
      In short;
      They are way too busy with their own archival work and genealogy is not one of their priorities.
      They recommend you to take a private genealogist.

      Archivex never was conducting genealogical research. They were set up to handle payments, since the archive itself is not entitled to conduct foreign trade.
      The current situation is, that all archives are very busy and practically all the research is done private.
      In Brno I once counted 25 researchers at one time!
      Also from the technical standpoint, I would suggest you to take a private researcher, since the Czech records may be extremely difficult to read for a non-experienced person and they mostly are in german too.
      You can write me if you want.
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      From: mpetzolt
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      Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 7:49 PM
      Subject: [S-R] Czech translation and Archivex/research question

      I know I was out of the loop for a bit, but now that I'm getting back
      into this research in a big way, I'm finding some frustration and
      hope someone can help....

      I sent an inquiry off to Archivex in the Czech Republic on 1 Dec
      2004, about 10 days later I got a letter saying they no longer
      handled inquiries but would forward it to the appropriate archive. (I
      was looking for more information based on a previous study of my
      Silhavy's etc in the Mecholupy area).

      Today I got a letter in Czech , which I dont' read and dont' have a
      dictionary... I have no idea what it says tho it doesn't seem to be
      asking for money so I'm taking that as not a good sign. I had
      specified research up to $300 US as ok. Can anyone help translate?

      Also, what's the deal now with Archivex no longer involved? What's
      the current Czech Republic research situation?

      Thanks in advance,


      letter from Statni oblastni arciv v Plzni - sorry can't do the accent

      K Vasi zadosti z 1.12.2004 s politovanim sdelujeme, ze pozadovanou
      genealogickou reservi v dohledne dobe nemuzeme vyhotovit. Nas archiv
      je zcela vytizen nejruznejsimi pracemi z oblasti vlastni archivni
      cinnosti a soukroma genealogicka agenda nepatri mezi hlavni ukoly.
      Pokud vsak na vypracovani reserse nasimi pracovniky nadale trvate,
      obrat'te se na nas s novou zadosti. Na jejim zaklade obdrzite
      smlouvu, ve ktere budou predbezne vycisleny naklady na vyrizeni,
      skeleny presnejsi pokminky placeni atd. Obecne lze rici, ze nami
      uctovane ceny se pohybuji v rosmezi 260- az 440, - Kc za jednu hodinu
      prace. Vzhledem k tomu, ze doba vyrizeni Vasi zadosti bude velice
      dlouha, doporucujeme Vam obratit se na nekterou z cetnych soukromych
      genealogickych agentur. Jejich sluzby jsou nabizeny na internetu,
      mapr. na adrese www.seznam.cz ; hledej: genealogie. Pro operativni
      vyrizeni Vasi zadosti doporucujeme v kazdem pripade zvolit tuto cestu
      (this sentence was in bold print) Rovnez muzete osobne navstivit
      badatelnu naseho archivu, kde Vam budou pozadovane matricni knihy
      predlozeny ke studiu. Badatelna je otevrena Po-St 8,30 az 18,00,
      ctvrtek 8.30 az 15,30. Ke studio se neni treba predem objednavat,
      objednani pouze doporucujeme.

      Litujeme, ze Vam nemuzeme podat priznivejsi zpravu.

      PhDr. Petr Muzik
      reditel Statniho oblastniho arivu v Plzni

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