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Re: Zara Sigar Austria

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    In a message dated 2/23/0 6:40:07 AM, twosocks@koan.com writes: I
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      In a message dated 2/23/0 6:40:07 AM, twosocks@... writes:

      << his birthplace is listed as Zara (Gara?, can't tell if it's a Z or G)
      Sigar, Austria >>

      I just did another search on what I think is the same place -

      now called Z~itavce in Tekov - southern Slovakia

      It was called Zsvita-Gyarmath and Sziget-Gyarmath - reverse the two names
      (they sometimes did that) and you can see why I think this may be the place.

      Do you have any other clues as to where his family came from - pat of

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