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Re: [S-R] Help with Death Records

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  • Dr. Joe Q.
    http://www.mun.ca/rels/morav/pics/tutor/mscript2.html Here is a link to German script. Dr. Q
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 19, 2004

      Here is a link to German script.

      Dr. "Q"

      Dr. Joe Q. wrote:

      >Use the link above, select the language you want from the "ladder" on
      >the left of the screen.
      >Dr. "Q"
      >krisstrot@... wrote:
      >>Good Morning Group!
      >> I am in the process of going through the films containing the birth,
      >>death and marriage records of my grandfather's village. It is a treasure trove of
      >>information. Luckily, I went armed with samples the records I'd be viewing,
      >>which I located at www.bmi.net/jjaso . In fact, what I'm seeing on the film
      >>is very close to the samples. (YAY!!) However, the list of Hungarian phrases
      >>doesn't contain some of the words I've come across, especially in the "cause
      >>of death" category. The FHC "Research Help" Hungarian List is quite extensive,
      >>too, but I haven't found these word there, either. It is a distinct
      >>possibility that I am not recognizing the letters as written for what they really are,
      >>a common situation in researching these old records. I thought some of you
      >>might recognize these words, even if I don't have all the letters correct:
      >>gorcsok --- the O's have " marks above them --for a 5-day old boy
      >>viakorsag --- the O and the second A have a ' mark above them, and I'm not
      >>positive the first letter is V -- for a 54-year old woman
      >>bilhums --- no accents -- for a 10-day old boy
      >>najda ganah --- it could be all one word; the last letter could be a T
      >>instead of H -- for a 67-year old man
      >>spanyolmatha --- this was a tough one to puzzle out -- for a 36-year old
      >>woman. In this case, several entries on the same page had this, so I'm wondering
      >>if it was an epidemic of some sort.
      >>Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!
      >>Also, I found that when I got to the older records (prior to 1875 or so), the
      >>information and headings were written in German. Can anyone direct me to a
      >>site where I can find this information, particularly the HEADINGS of the
      >>columns? I found some good information in the FHC "Research Help" section, but
      >>deciphering old German Script and figuring out what German words they're supposed
      >>to be is time consuming and tiring when sitting at a microfilm reader. Again,
      >>any help will be appreciated!
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