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[S-R] Karkosiaks and József Répászky

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  • James McGrath
    Terry, I don t think it would be safe to assume that other people with the same name plus diminutive ending are relatives. They might be, but it is like saying
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2004
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      Terry, I don't think it would be safe to assume that
      other people with the same name plus diminutive ending
      are relatives. They might be, but it is like saying
      that someone named 'Johnson' must be a relative based
      on the surname - there were presumably many Johns and
      many sons of these many Johns! However, if you find
      Karkos to be a very rare surname, and also find the
      form with the diminutive predominantly in the same
      region, then a connection somewhere back becomes more
      likely, although the connection will presumably derive
      (like surnames themselves) from before any kind of
      records that would show the link.

      On another note, I've made quite a bit of progress
      recently on tracing my ancestors and wider family in
      the Kosice/Kassa area. The bishop J�zsef
      R�p�szky, who wrote a number of books, was apparently
      the brother of one of my
      great-great-great-grandmothers. Does anyone know of
      Slovak language collections in this country that might
      have historic books from the late 1800s? Or does
      anyone have a history of the Catholic Church in
      Slovakia who could check the index for his name?
      Either would help me track down more information about
      this individual, and thus perhaps help me find out
      more about his family.


      James McGrath

      --- "Terry L. Karkos" <pikagnome@...> wrote:
      > So, when I find Karkosiak or Karkosak or Karkoschak
      > or Karkoska, or
      > Karkosiakova (I know -ova means female) or Karkosch
      > or Katulyak in my
      > searches of the 1869 census, what I'm seeing are
      > ancestral kin as for
      > the Karkos diminutive endings (the Katula/Katulyak
      > was an in-law for
      > some of my ancestors)?
      > I'm searching for Karkos, but I've found the name
      > Karkos, as spelled,
      > for two orphans in Garany born 1832 (my
      > great-great-great
      > grandfather's sister, Elizabeth) and 1834 (my
      > great-great-great
      > grandfather Andrej).
      > So the Karkoses with the diminutive endings are
      > family also? I
      > wondered about that. The Karkosch is a pronunciation
      > spelling of the
      > name, I believe. I've only found that variation in
      > Germany.
      > Anyone know if the Hungarian Kardos is a variation
      > of Slovak Karkos
      > or vice versa? (Some of the Kardos families have a
      > pretty wild
      > looking coat of arms, and I think the Kardos name
      > translates into
      > swordsman or sword.)
      > Or what Karkos means in Slovak, if anything. Am
      > curious as to a
      > possible reasoning behind the surname.
      > My intention is to find all that I can find, then
      > hire a Slovak
      > genealogist in the homeland to dig further and fill
      > in the blanks. It
      > has been an amazing learning experience,
      > backtracking my kin, one
      > that I wish I could do 24 hours a day, 7 days a
      > week. Fascinating
      > stuff to learn one's family history through the
      > ages.
      > -- Terry Karkos
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