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Re: Bretka, Gomor Reformed Church

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  • Maura Petzolt
    Just a guess.... but are you -sure- that you have the correct SS-5 form? Usually, I d say the marriage record, because it s a primary source material would be
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 5, 2000
      Just a guess.... but are you -sure- that you have the correct SS-5 form?

      Usually, I'd say the marriage record, because it's a primary source
      material would be correct, but SS-5's are sometimes considered primary
      also. Censuses are never considered primary as you cannot be sure if the
      person himself gave the information (lots of times if the family wasn't
      there they asked the neighbors for example).

      Ss-5's are fairly reliable -- which is why I wonder if you are sure you
      got the right one. If you are, consider the possibility that he gave
      false information on it.

      example -- paperwork on my Irish gr/grandfather in Bridgeport CT all
      indicate "Ireland" as place of birth on marriage and children's birth
      papers. After a certain number of years here tho, he just up and changed
      that to "born in NYC" on all other legal papers, including registration
      for WW1. I'm told this is something common among immigrants in the late
      1800's when they wanted so much to "belong" here, and maybe in view of
      some discrimination they felt towards them.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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    • Lisa Rhea Baker
      Hope the list will bear with me as I tell this tale. My grandfather who died as Charles Trimbath in 1987 has a very confusing past. My Aunts say their father
      Message 2 of 8 , Feb 5, 2000
        Hope the list will bear with me as I tell this tale.

        My grandfather who died as Charles Trimbath in 1987 has a very confusing

        My Aunts say their father told them he and his parents came to the United
        States when he was a small boy. (I have narrowed this down to between the
        years 1895-1908). They lived in Smock, Franklin Township, Fayette, PA.
        Charles's father Frank (name taken from marriage license) worked in the Coal
        mines. During this time (1895-1908) Frank was involved in fight over a poker
        game in a bar, he was shot and killed. Charles told his daughters it was a
        bar in Republic and even pointed it out to them. Frank was buried in a
        cemetery in New Salem, Menallen Township, PA. My Aunt says her father took
        her and her older brother to his grave when they were young. (I've looked at
        the cemeteries in New Salem but not found anything)

        Charles mother, now a widow, decided to return the "old country" with her
        son. They left the United States. When Charles was about 14 or 15, his
        mother sent him back to the United States alone. She had corresponded with
        the woman who ran the boarding house in Smock where they had lived before.
        Charles was to stay with her and find work.

        My Aunts say he told them he lived with this woman when he first returned to
        the United States. He began working in the coal mines. At this point what
        his real name was is lost, according to the story it was here he was told,
        "okay Charlie Trimbath, you can work for us." I have researched the name
        Trimbath, it is English, and the Trimbath's in Fayette Country are from
        Cornwall, England. Eventually Charles met the older brothers of my
        grandmother. He was introduced to my grandmother Mary Bookshar and they were

        I have a copy of their marriage license from 1917, on this document Charles
        listed his
        age as 21, his birthplace as Austria. His father is listed as Frank
        Trembath -deceased, his mother as Annie Medleck -housekeeper, they were both
        born in Austria. My Aunts recall him saying his mothers name was something
        like Miller but not quite that.

        In the 1920 census I found Charles and Mary in Tower Hill #1, Fayette
        County, PA. Here he is listed as "Charley Trembitz" age 25, birthplace
        Beretski, Austria, his citizenship status is listed as Alien, his native
        tongue is Slovak.

        In December 1936, Charles Trimbath applied for a social security number, he
        listed his birthdate as Dec 31, 1895 (my Aunts say he never knew his real
        birthdate so he choose the last day of the year). He listed his birthplace
        as Haston, Cambria, PA. His father was listed as Frank Trimbath, his mother
        Anna Vaingar. I know this is the right SS5 because of the address, they
        lived in Tower Hill #1 their entire lives. The house a double, was purchased
        from the mines and was sold just a few years ago following my grandmothers
        death. A search of birthrecords from Haston, Cambria, PA turned up nothing,
        no record of him there.

        The family is Roman Catholic on my grandmothers side and attended Holy
        Rosary Church in Republic, Fayette, PA. My Aunts say they celebrated
        Christmas Eve Mass twice, once on December 24 with their mother and then
        they would walk to the nearby town of New Salem to Celebrate the
        Greek/Orthodox/Byzantine (sorry I still get those mixed up) Christmas Eve
        Mass with their father. There is an Orthodox and a Byzantine Church in New
        Salem. I tried to locate records at both and checked both cemeteries with no

        I also have copies of Charles's mine workers records. They show the mines he
        worked for and when. They were used when he applied for his pension. The
        earliest record is from 1915 and is an affidavit of a person who worked with
        Charles and first became acquainted with him in May 1915.

        When Charles applied for his pension in 1956 he again listed his father as
        Frank Trimbath and his mother as Anna Medleck.

        Basically, I am stuck as were else to go with is search. When I was in
        Pennsylvania last year, I searched for naturalization records-zero, death
        records for Frank-zero, Church and Cemetery records-zero. I even tromped
        around in the old cemeteries looking at headstone, many were missing or not

        This why I have begun trying to locate possible location for Beretski,
        Austria, especially looking for Greek Catholic records, since this seems to
        be the religion of the family.

        I hope everyone has borne with me through this tale, I know I'm not the only
        one out there with a difficult ancestor. Sometimes it just helps to talk it
        out. Thanks for bearing with me.


        Lisa Rhea Trimbath Baker
      • frankur@att.net
        The LDS filmed the Lutheran church registers for Bretka, Slovakia; formerly Beretke, Gömör Megye, Hungary (1792-1904) Text in Hungarian. Film 2006424 The LDS
        Message 3 of 8 , Feb 6, 2000
          The LDS filmed the Lutheran church registers for Bretka, Slovakia;
          formerly Beretke, G�m�r Megye, Hungary (1792-1904)
          Text in Hungarian.
          Film 2006424

          The LDS filmed the R.C. for Ples^ivec, Slovakia; formerly Pelsocz,
          G�m�r Megye, Hungary (1825-1895) including records for Bretka.
          Text in Hungarian.
          Film 1981409, 1981410
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