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Fw: Chicken Soup for the Flu Shot Soul

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear List members, I am sure you will agree with me; there is no chicken soup like a Slovak chicken soup. Regards, Vladimir ... From: HSI - Jenny Thompson
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2004
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      Dear List members,

      I am sure you will agree with me; there is no chicken soup like a Slovak
      chicken soup.

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      Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 2:47 PM
      Subject: Chicken Soup for the Flu Shot Soul

      > Chicken Soup for the Flu Shot Soul
      > Health Sciences Institute e-Alert
      > October 21, 2004
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      > Dear Reader,
      > It's always something. Or when it comes to the flu vaccine it
      > seems that way. Every year there's a new wrinkle; a feared
      > pandemic, a run on doctors' offices that create shortages, or - as is
      > the case this year - a vaccine manufacturer is shut down, creating
      > scarce supplies, thefts of vaccine caches, black market sales, etc.
      > Always something.
      > As Moshe ben Maimon might say: It's meshuggah.
      > Ben Maimon was a 12th century Jewish philosopher and physician
      > who recommend this treatment for influenza and colds: chicken
      > soup. As the story goes, Moshe drew on classical Greek medicine
      > to support his recommendation, but I'll bet you a dollar he actually
      > picked it from his mom.
      > I was reminded of Moshe's soup cure when I came across an
      > Associated Press item about a flu vaccine clinic offered in Fergus
      > Falls, Minnesota. Because of the nationwide vaccine shortage, the
      > clinic received no supply of the vaccine at all. So when people
      > came by to get a flu shot, they were given a can of chicken soup
      > and a box of tissues instead.
      > When Kris Ehresmann, the head of Minnesota's immunization
      > program, heard about the soup giveaway, with some amusement
      > she told the AP that it was, "better than nothing."
      > Better than nothing, indeed. In fact, according to one study,
      > chicken soup is full of good nutrition and even has natural anti-
      > inflammatory properties. That's much more than I can say for the
      > flu vaccine.
      > ------------------------------------------------------------
      > Grandma's penicillin
      > ------------------------------------------------------------
      > Stephen Rennard, M.D., is a researcher at the University of
      > Nebraska where he studies the defense mechanisms of the lung.
      > One day, while enjoying his wife's homemade chicken soup, he
      > wondered if something in the soup might have an anti-
      > inflammatory effect on the respiratory viral infections responsible
      > for colds and the flu.
      > From a recipe called "Grandma's Soup," Dr. Rennard had his wife
      > prepare several batches for laboratory tests to examine the soup's
      > effect on neutrophils; white blood cells that stimulate mucous
      > release. As reported in a 2000 issue of the medical journal Chest,
      > Dr. Rennard and his team found that the ingredients of the soup
      > clearly inhibited the movement of neutrophils.
      > In other words, chicken soup may actually trigger a cold and flu-
      > fighting reaction in the body. But it doesn't end with neutrophils
      > inhibition.
      > Many chicken soup recipes call for exactly what a sick person
      > needs: ingredients that are nutrient-rich, such as onions, carrots,
      > celery, parsley, sweet potatoes, parsnips and turnips (all of which
      > were included in Grandma's Soup).
      > In an interview with Reuters, Dr. Rennard also acknowledged that
      > the steam from the warm soup may help soothe inflamed sinuses.
      > And when someone lovingly prepares the soup for you - a doting
      > Grandma, for instance - the care itself may provide a therapeutic
      > psychological boost that promotes healing.
      > ------------------------------------------------------------
      > Spice it up
      > ------------------------------------------------------------
      > Dr. Rennard's Grandma's Soup recipe calls for salting and
      > peppering to taste, which is good advice.
      > Sodium is an essential electrolyte that promotes hydration. That's
      > not to say that salt should be shoveled in, but adding some salt is a
      > plus, unless your doctor has instructed you to avoid it.
      > And don't hold back on the pepper either. Natural medical
      > physician Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests that plenty of pepper will
      > help thin respiratory mucus when fluids in the mouth and throat are
      > stimulated. He adds that the main ingredient of chicken soup - that
      > is, of course, chicken - contains cysteine; an amino acid that also
      > thins mucus.
      > So if you drop by a clinic to get a flu shot and receive soup instead,
      > don't think you're getting the lesser of two treatments. With a large
      > pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove, you just might have
      > your healthiest flu season ever.
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      > **************************************************************
      > Here's the latest outrage from the Vioxx mess.
      > The Washington Post reports that according to a press release
      > issued by Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, FDA officials tried to
      > suppress the conclusions of a review showing that Vioxx was
      > linked to an increased risk of heart attack.
      > Nice.
      > The Vioxx review was prepared by David Graham, associate
      > science director of the FDA's Office of Drug Safety. When
      > Graham's team examined the medical records of nearly one and a
      > half million patients who took either Vioxx or Celebrex, they
      > concluded that "27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths"
      > could have been avoided if patients had been using Celebrex
      > instead of Vioxx.
      > Grassley told the Post that FDA officials had "ostracized" Graham
      > and had made "veiled threats" while he was trying to clear his
      > research for publication. An FDA official is reported to have
      > suggested "watering down" the conclusions. In an e-mail, Graham
      > said he would not compromise his "deeply-held conclusions about
      > this safety question."
      > The Post reports that when asked about Graham's claims, the
      > acting director of the FDA's drug center called them "baloney."
      > Baloney. That's one side of the story. On the other side, Senator
      > Grassley (who has reviewed several contentious FDA decisions)
      > told the Post that the FDA decided to challenge its own expert,
      > "instead of acting as a public watchdog."
      > As a "watchdog," we know what kind of bite the FDA has. This
      > past spring, the agency banned the sale of the herb ephedra, even
      > though the problems with ephedra were almost entirely associated
      > with ephedrine; a hyped up synthetic form of the herb. A total of
      > about 100 deaths have been attributed to complications involving
      > "ephedra-containing" products.
      > So let's look at the box score:
      > Vioxx: 27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths. Taken off
      > the market by its manufacturer (not the FDA) YEARS after the
      > FDA recognized an elevated risk of cardiac problems.
      > Ephedra: About 100 deaths attributed to synthetic ephedrine.
      > Banned by the FDA.
      > There's your "watchdog" for you. Not to mention a showing of
      > true colors.
      > To Your Good Health,
      > Jenny Thompson
      > Health Sciences Institute
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