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Re: [S-R] Re: Ethnicity of Presidential Candidates

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  • Don Havlicek
    Look below: ... BLYTHE was Welsh Roma ??? .... Clinton s real last name IS Blythe .. NOT Clinton. Verrrrrry interesting.... Don Havlicek Connersville, IN
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 14, 2004
      Look below:

      Frank wrote:
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Vladimir Bohinc" <konekta@n...>
      > wrote:
      >>Dear Frank,
      >>There is no politics in my message.
      >>Just a genealogical fact, that the surname Kohn can not be seen as a
      > Bohemian name.
      >>Regarding Kerry, it happens that my best friend and colleague Felix,
      > who did his genealogy also consulted me on some minor issues
      > afterwards. But no, I speak no politics here.
      >>- the term "ethnic Slovak Jews" is inapropriate.
      >>- I am not aware of Catholic churches in Slovakia to have kept the
      > Jewish records at any time. Can you name one or two instances?
      >>- If any Slovak intellectual is denying that Slovak puppet state
      > ever sold a Jew to Germany for RM 500, I second that.
      >>This is not true. True, however is, that Slovak puppet state paid
      > (!) RM 500 for each Jew to Germany for all the "costs involved" with
      > resettlement. Now this is bizarre enough. The value of the jewish
      > property, which was then stolen, looted and confiscated here was much,
      > much higher than RM 500.
      >>- of course, many Kohns ( as well as others) either left the Jewish
      > community or converted / asimilated, so they are having now usual non
      > jewish first names. But their ancestors were jewish.
      >>Regarding surnames; you can have a look at the collection of
      > surnames from the records which I have researched so far.
      >>I have a collection of Slovak surnames, German surnames from
      > Slovakia and Jewish surnames from Slovakia. There you can compare what
      > is what. You find this at www.konekta.sk
      >>With best regards,
      >>I make such comments only for the SR community to be propery
      > informed.
      > Dear Vlad,
      > My point was that when politicial candidates are dueling for election
      > many "stories" are posted pro and con their origins and ancestors on
      > WWW.
      > More Slavic surnames begin with letter K than any other letter of the
      > alphabet.
      > And thousands of surnames Kerry had emigrated to the US from Ireland.
      > For example, there was a "story" that former US President Clinton
      > paternal ancestor was a Welsh roma (cigán)

      BLYTHE was Welsh Roma ??? .... Clinton's real last name IS Blythe .. NOT

      Verrrrrry interesting....

      Don Havlicek
      Connersville, IN

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