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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear Donna, I can offer you help with resech on the Lanik family from Ostrava, Maehren = Moravia. The rest you can find on the LDS films. Best regards,
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 29, 2004
      Dear Donna,
      I can offer you help with resech on the Lanik family from Ostrava, Maehren = Moravia.
      The rest you can find on the LDS films.
      Best regards,

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      From: Donna Lanik
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 12:44 AM


      I am also new to the group, even though I have been looking in on the
      group for a couple of months. I didn't think I had enough information
      to put out there but I have to start sometime.
      Everyone has been so helpful on the site and Bill said to throw it out
      there if we needed help.

      After watching the group, I realize it is very important to find the
      village of the person in question. My paternal grandfather came to the
      United States in 1907 at the age of three. He came with his mother and
      three siblings after his father, Emil LANIK, came over and then sent for
      them. I know my grandfather and his siblings were born in Frycovice,
      Slovakia. From this point on, all I have are names and a couple of birth
      Emil LANIK - born 18 Sep 1904 in Frycovice. Son of Emil LANIK (b.20
      Jan 1878) and
      Aloisia RICHTER (b.25 May 1884). His parents were married 8
      Aug 1902. I don't
      know where they were married.
      Emil LANIK, Sr., was born in Mahr, Ostrava. His parents were Josef
      LANIK and
      Johanna KONVICKA. I don't have any information on them. They
      had the following
      Emil - came to US and lived in Pennsylvania until his death.

      Josef - b.16 Feb 1870 in Frycovice. Stayed in Slovakia
      Cyril - b. 1875 in Frycovice. Came to US with Emil.
      Injured an eye in the mines
      and returned to Slovakia.
      Emilie - b. 1880 in Frycovice
      Ludvik, Sr. - b. 25 Aug 1881 in Frycovice. Came to US and
      stayed until death
      in Pennsylvania.
      Vincent - b. 9 Oct 1887 in Frycovice. Came to US and died
      in Pennsylvania.
      Louis - b 6 Aug 1890 in Frycovice.
      Valentin ( William) - b.12 Feb 1891 in Frycovice. Came to
      US and died in Penn.
      Antonie Lanikova - b.14 Feb 1894 in Frycovice. Stayed in

      Aloisia RICHTER was born 25 May 1884 to Josef (Arbeiters) RICHTER
      and Karolina
      LANGER. I don't have any information on her parents.

      My paternal, great grandmother, Zuzanna ZELINSKY, came to the US in
      1903. The ship manifest has her home town as Zborov, Austria Hungary. I
      have also seen it listed as Zborovia. I don't know the Magyar name.
      Has anyone heard of Zborov(ia)?

      Zuzanna was born 19 Apr 1884 to Lukacz ZELINSKY and Zuzanna VARASINSKY.
      Lukacz (also spelled Lukach, Lucas & Louis) was born in 1862 in Galicia,
      Poland and came to the US in 1891 aboard the Werra. When he sent for
      his wife and two daughters( Anna & Zuza), he found out his wife had died
      and his daughters were being raised by his in-laws. Both daughters came
      to the US. I know that Zuza's sister, Anna, married John DVORCAK
      (Dvorchak). Zuza married Joseph KENDRA and after his death, Stephen

      I found a family history by Lukacz's daughter from his second marriage
      in the US. She reported that Lukacz was born in Galicia and had four
      older brothers. They were orphaned when Lukacz was five years old and
      were raised by relatives. When Lukacz was a teen, he was approached by
      the owner of the estate where he lived. Something was said that made
      Lukacz leave town that night and he walked to a town called Zborov(ia)
      in Slovakia. A Catholic priest helped him get started in the new town.
      That is where he met his first wife.
      I know that Lukacz's fathers names was John ZELINSKY. I also read that
      a couple of Lukacz's brothers came to the US. I have been trying to
      find names for the brothers but have been unsuccessful due to the
      multiple spellings of the name (ie. Zielinsky, Zielinski, Zelensky - not
      to mention the female derivatives ending in "a"). It comes back to
      finding the town of Zborov(ia) or it's Magyar name.

      This is what I have found so far. I had put off finding my father's
      side of the family tree because I knew the barriers (ie..language, world
      wars, changing boundaries, etc..) would be
      greater than my mother's side. However, after looking in on the list
      and seeing how helpful everyone is to one another, I thought I would
      jump in and give it a try. Any helpful tips or information would be
      greatly appreciated.

      Thank you

      Donna Lanik
      Akron, Ohio

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