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Re: [S-R] Re: Why do we do this?

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  • Carol
    Beautifully said, Melissa. I empathisize with you. Carol ... From: MA Bensh To: Sent: Tuesday, September
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 29, 2004
      Beautifully said, Melissa. I empathisize with you.

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      > From childhood, I have always been interested in
      > finding out more about our family.
      > Perhaps, it was because I only had one grandparent on
      > each side that I can remember. Perhaps, it is because
      > my gf was orphaned at age 9. Perhaps, it was because
      > I rarely saw those gps and when I did they seemed like
      > strangers to me, especially my gm, who spoke broken
      > English. Perhaps, it is because I rarely saw aunts
      > and uncles on both sides and never met cousins - 1st,
      > 2nd and otherwise - who lived less than 2 hours away.
      > Perhaps, it was because every holiday was spent, just
      > the four of us - my mom, my dad, my brother and me.
      > I envied friends who had an extended family. I envied
      > friends who knew what nationality they were. I envied
      > friends who had ethnic customs and traditions that
      > were enjoyed at holidays and passed down through
      > family.
      > Always, I yearned for some kind of connection to
      > someone, some place. There were telltale signs. As a
      > child, I read historical fiction books. As a young
      > adult, I majored in history in college.
      > Now, I major in history again - my family history. I
      > am determined to seek out that information that has
      > long been hidden from me, from my family. I will
      > carefully wade through the layers of dust and neglect
      > to locate those records (personal and official) that
      > have kept our history a secret. There is much to
      > discover, but I want to be able to reveal our history
      > for myself, my brother, my mom and my son because
      > family is one of the few true legacies we inherit.
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