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  • Diane Burke
    Frank, Thanks for your quick response and information. I think you have found the right person. My grandmother did emigrate to Chicago and my mother always
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 2, 2004

      Thanks for your quick response and information. I think you have found the right person. My grandmother did emigrate to Chicago and my mother always said that her mother was very proud of being Moravian. I have a few further questions about how you obtained the information. What is the EIR list? How did you determine that Maria's last residence was Visnna, Austria?

      Thanks for the info on my other grandmother Agnes Buczek. I don't have her naturalization papers. The census says that she was naturalized in 1918 the same year as my grandfather, so it must have happened as you state. When my grandfather was naturalized she was too. Would she have her own naturalization papers? She was naturalized in Illinois. She did speak Polish, so I am assuming she was from Galicia.

      Thanks again for your help. I welcome any further suggestions.

      Diane Burke

      Frank <frankur@...> wrote:
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Bohdana Badzio" <bbadzio@l...>
      > Hello Frank,
      > there also seems to be a PRISLOWITZ (BREZOVICE), 98.5mi S of Prague.
      > I noticed also that Maria's last residence listed as Visnna,
      > Don't know if this would be expected to be close to her father's
      > residence, but I am not finding anything which would fit near
      > Prislowitz.
      > Bohdana

      ahoj Bohdana

      Yes, the Br^ezovice you list is located east of Frymburk and near
      the current Austrian border.
      There are also 4 Brezovice located in the Czech Republic.
      There were other German towns formerly named Proschwitz located
      in the CR.
      For example, some places nammed Proschwitz were called Prosec^ in
      There are 7 Prosec^ located in CR.
      After WW II the Czechs renamed all the German named towns to Czech
      names often using the same name for multiple locations inorder to
      lose their old German identities.

      Maria's Last Residence which was listed as Visnna, Austria may
      actually have been Vinna located 18 miles north of your Br^ezovice
      above and 80 miles south of of Praha.
      C^esk� Bude^jovice (Budweis) region of former C^eskoslovensko.
      But, early on it didn't qualify as being part of the Austrian
      Kronland M�hren => Maehren => Marin => Moravia and located east
      of B�hmen (Bohemia).

      Frank K

      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Frank" <frankur@w...> wrote:
      > > Maria's closest relative in Czech-Bohemia (her country of
      > departure)
      > > was her father Martin Drabalak at (what looks like but was
      > misspelled
      > > as Prusslowitz, Moravia)
      > > Expect this was Proschwitz (G) Prosec^ne^ (Cz) located 64 miles
      > > of Praha (Prague), Czech Repuiblic.

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