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[S-R] Re: Looking for some help

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  • Frank
    ... Form. ... Parents are Micheal Kondrc and Anna Korucina (that part is being researched by Vladamir) ... Benjak and Maria Lisciski. According to her 1930
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "David Decker" <maze_r@h...>
      > Steve was born in 1881 in (Hurbre) Brestovany according to his SS-5
      > According to his 1910/1930 Census he came to america in 1907. Steve
      Parents are Micheal Kondrc and Anna Korucina (that part is being
      researched by Vladamir)
      > Anna according to her ss-5 form was born in Lesjkove in 1890 to Paul
      Benjak and Maria Lisciski. According to her 1930 census she came I
      think in 1906 (one was 1906/ one was 1907) cant remember and the info
      is in the car at the moment.
      > They did have Frank (my grandfather in Cherolio PA) spelling wrong.
      > As for the marrige date is been stated as 1907 in PA.
      > How did you pull up the info about Steven Kondrc on SSDI by the way?
      > Well hope this clarifys things.
      > I would think that Steve knew someone out here but there is no one
      to talk to that remembers. Just that they both came through Ellis.
      > Steve did have a few cousins. Mary Kondrc Hudek who lived up in
      Toronto. A Tonka Kondrc, and Cecilia Kondrc of the Delieverance of
      Sister Cecilia. but that is a bit off topic.
      > Dave


      The surname was spelled Kondrc around Trnava, Slovakia.
      That was the Brestovany (Vel'ké and Malé Brestovany) and Buc^any
      Actually the R.C. parish church records (1711-1895) are available
      under Vel'ké Brestovany (Sk) Nagybersztovány (H) at the Main
      Bratislava Archive.

      Steve's mother maiden name was missspelled as Korucina or Koricina and
      I believe Kuracina was the correct Slovak spelling.
      Incidentally, I have researched the surnames Kuracina from Brestovany,
      Trnava, Nitra, Bratislava, Myjava and Suchá nad Parnou who mainly
      had emigrated to Canada.
      They swear they are not related to my own paternal surname and I
      believe them.

      Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is online.


      I know your greatgrandfather was buried at Holy Trinty Cemetery, Ford
      City located near Kittanning PA.
      Steve had worked at the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.

      Am familiar with the Cecilia Kondrc of the Delieverance of
      Sister Cecilia book.

      If surnames were naturalized after 1906 your should be able to email
      regional National Archives - Mid Atlantic Region
      (Philadelphia, PA) for their naturalization papers.

      Naturalization papers came in three flavors :

      1.Declaration of intention
      (name, age, occupation, personal description, date and place
      of birth, wife's name and her place of birth, present and last
      foreign address, vessel or ship sailed on and from what port of
      embarkation, port of arrival and date, signature)

      2.Petition for naturalization
      (data listed in 1. above plus marital status, children's name, and
      names of two witnesses)

      3.Record Certificate of Naturalization
      (this was the document which granted citizenship. Contains some
      items but not the details above). It was meant to be a sort of
      souvenir of the official proceedings.

      Any woman, between 1855-1922, automatically became a citizen when
      her husband was naturalized. Children under age of 16 as well..
      if between age 16-21 when immigrated to U.S. but required to wait
      until after 21st birthday. Wives after 1922 had to apply for their
      own naturalization.

      Frank K

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      > Subject: [S-R] Re: Looking for some help
      > David
      > There is some conflicting information about your surnames out in
      > cyberspace.
      > You state Steve Kondrc was born about 1881 in Brestovany which is
      > located just east of Trnava in western Slovakia.
      > The Slovakia telephone directry lists several surnames Kondrc
      > Trnava.
      > Name might also have been spelled Kondrk.
      > Another researcher states Stephen Kondrc was born in Presport CZ
      > November 26, 1881.
      > Pressburg was the German name for Bratislava the capital of
      > You state Anna Benjak was born in Lesjkove , Czechoslovakia about
      > 1890.
      > Other researcher states Anna Benjak was in Lis^ice (of which there
      > threelocated in the Czech Republic) on February 13, 1890.
      > Her father was Paul Benjak and mother Maria Lisciski.
      > You state Steve married Anna in 1907 in PA.
      > Other researcher states Stephen married a Anna Louise Benjak in
      > Their son Francis Sylvester Kondrac was born in Charleroi, PA
      > 18, 1919.
      > SSDI lists 2 surnames Kondrc.
      > Anna Kondrc (1890-1980) Last Residence Kittanning PA
      > Frank S. Kondrc (1919-1988) Last Residence Bergenfield NJ.
      > (Stephen Kondrc (1881-1958) Last Residence Bergenfield NJ)
      > Frank K
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