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Re: [S-R] Carpathian Resources

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  • amiak27
    Thanks for the site Bill, but looking over the promises a few years old and nothing to update the report of progress, as well as no specific program proposed
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 23, 2004
      Thanks for the site Bill, but looking over the promises a few years
      old and nothing to update the report of progress, as well as no
      specific program proposed for jobs and tourism makes me quite
      skeptical of the effectiveness of this specific organization. We
      get exposed to a lot of promises and propaganda and enviro-talk in
      Alaska, and I don't read too many hopeful signs in their web page.

      For a more realistic report on the troubles in trying to balance
      tourism and environmentalism, there is a current article in the
      Slovak Spectator: "Tourism at odds with preservation"
      By Marta Ïurianová

      "THE ECONOMY Ministry recently implied that overly strict natural
      conservation in some territories of Slovakia makes the activities of
      some investors in tourism more difficult than that it should be and
      hinders development in these areas. ...

      Environmental organisations in Slovakia disagree deeply with the
      economy ministry's analysis. They consider the current state of
      Slovakia's protected areas exceptional in many aspects among the
      states of the European Union, and they say this is thanks to the
      current system of conservation. .."

      Go to the link above to read the whole article. It reflects the
      world wide quandary of providing jobs and preserving nature.
      Starvation in the beauty of the homeland as well as poverty was a
      good reason for our ancestors to come to America.

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      > And yet with natural resource exploitation, there is preservation
      as well:
      > UNESCO - United Nations
      > East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve - Poland/Slovakia/Ukraine
      > Located at the confluence of state borders of Poland, Slovakia and
      > the East Carpathians Biosphere Reserve is a unique treasure of
      > importance, combining immense wildlife values with a rich cultural
      > It contains some of the least disturbed ecosystems e.g. part of the
      > European natural beech forest complex and protects endemic and
      > mountain plant species and communities. It constitutes one of the
      > important refuges for large animals of primeval habitats of Europe.
      > fauna is composed of all native big predators like the brown bear,
      > lynx and golden eagle, as well as all big native mammals like the
      > bison, red deer and reintroduced primitive Hutzul horse and beaver.
      > source: http://www.unesco.org/mab/br/focus/2003March/Trilateral.htm
      > http://www.fns.uniba.sk/zp/biosfera/brmabvku.htm
      > http://www.sacr.sk/index.php?p=7
      > http://cbr.nature.org.ua/main.htm
      > --
      > The Carpathian Ecoregion Initiative is bringing together people in
      > and Eastern Europe to secure conservation and sustainable
      development in the
      > Carpathians. This initiative, begun in Summer 1999, involves an
      > international partnership dedicated to the protection of one of the
      > important natural areas of Europe. The initiative seeks to combine
      > conservation efforts with actions to support the local economy and
      > In this way, we aim to secure the future of the Carpathians for
      both nature
      > and the region's people.
      > http://www.carpathians.org
      > ______________
      > Bill Tarkulich
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      > Subject: [S-R] Carpathian Resources
      > Natural resources, that is. There is much talk of mining and
      > in our ancestral region, but little talk of the oil and gas
      > resources. Some of these resources may expand understanding of the
      > general conditions where our ancestors lived. Even if they were
      > employed in the oil fields, the local activity and exploration and
      > effect on general economy would have had some effect on the area.
      > There is lot of reading and some maps showing some of the resources
      > in the Slovakia - Galicia area of the Carpathians:
      > http://www.carpathian.com.au/invest.htm
      > http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/visegrad.html
      > http://www.carpathian.com.au/review.htm#Janovice
      > There is some specific mention of the Kezmarok and Mikova fields.
      > Ron
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