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RE: [S-R] New Member: Researching Names Kredic(s) & Buros/Burosh

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  • Armata, Joseph R. (JArmata)
    Someone else replied about Stankovany and Zaskov. Maybe Lybahlad is Lubochna, just south of Stankovany and Zaskov. Joe ... From: gmslbs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2004
      Someone else replied about Stankovany and Zaskov. Maybe "Lybahlad" is
      Lubochna, just south of Stankovany and Zaskov.


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      Subject: [S-R] New Member: Researching Names Kredic(s) & Buros/Burosh

      Hello Everyone!
      What a delight to discover this group! My apologies, in advance, for
      the length of this missive. I am researching both my maternal
      grandparents from Slovakia and my paternal grandparents from
      Italy. I have already obtained the original ships' manifests for my
      maternal grandparents listing their fathers' names and the towns from
      which they came, Stankovany and Zastow or Zsastow (sp?) in the High
      Tartra Mountains region. Their manifest list Sztankovan, Hungary for
      my grandmother and Zsasko, Hungary for my grandfather.

      After coming to the U.S., my grandfather changed the spelling of his
      name to its English sound, Andrew Burosh. However, the ship's manifest
      list his name as Andras Buros. We know nothing about his family other
      than the reason he came to the U.S. was to keep from being conscripted
      into the Army and fighting in the 1st World War which was then raging
      on the European continent. However, his father was forced to serve in
      his place.

      My grandmother's maiden name was Kredic. On her manifest it is Eszter
      Kredics. I know that her mother and father were Carolina and Stefan
      Kredic from Stankovany and Lybahlad (I have no idea if this is spelled
      correctly as I spelled it phonetically). They had 7 children, Esther,
      Catherine, Margaret, Anna, Joe, John and Stefan. My grandmother's
      sister Anna also came to the U.S. Both settled in East Chicago,
      Indiana where my grandmother met my grandfather, married and then
      moved to Harvey, Illinois.

      I would like to be able to find out more about both families.
      Specifically, I would like to be able trace the families back as far
      as birth, baptismal, governmental records will allow me to. I would
      like to use whatever resources are available here and in Slovakia to
      possibly get copies of records. It took me forever to find their
      records on the Ellis Island web site as the spellings, as we knew
      them, were all changed. However, the information on the manifests is
      how I identified them, i.e., where they were going, who they were
      going to and what towns they came from.

      I have not yet had the opportunity to avail myself of the various
      sources mentioned on this board. I thought perhaps someone could point
      me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any and all of your
      assistance and consideration.

      Gene Marie Di Caro-Schaeffer (aka Gene Schaeffer)
      Phoenix, AZ

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